Acea reduces water losses in the district of Frosinone

Bringing water into everyone’s home

Water is a precious resource for the region and people: to reduce losses and make the service supply even more efficient, Acea Ato 5 has developed an action plan that is both innovative and streamlined.

The first step was to start right from the region: the geographical area served by the network has been divided into smaller sections, characterized by the presence of water tanks. New technologies were applied to each area to ensure a more accurate and precise network control, including remotely controlled pressure gauges, hydro valves and a careful analysis of interconnection and the exchange of water volumes.

While the pressure gauges enable remote monitoring of the network's water pressure from our Frosinone center, hydro valves allow to stabilize the pressure wherever needed. These two actions, together with an intense campaign to substitute water meters and find any irregular water supply, made the difference.

The improvement was immediate. Now any leak is detected at once, and we can act quickly to repair any damage and ensure the safety of our water network. In turn, this benefits all citizens, who experience fewer problems linked to water supply and may soon see the progressive lifting of restricted usage, especially when it extends to affect the winter months.

A result that has surely contributed to the improved rating of the water supply service by Acea customers. The latest 2020 surveys, in fact, shows that customers rate their general satisfaction with the service at nearly 80%.

New treatment plants and work on the water mains

To improve quality and efficiency in water supply, in 2020 Acea Ato 5 began work to set up new treatment plants in Roccasecca, Ceccano, Serrone, Anagni, Cervaro, Pofi, Colfelice. Furthermore, it carried out major upgrade work on the Supino-Morolo main water pipe.

With the support of the Water Resource Conservation function, we carried out further in-depth inspections on the pipelines, with a view to achieving water balance and recovering the amount of input water. This action was carried out in the municipalities of Atina and Settefrati and on the large pipelines in several aqueducts: “Val San Pietro”, “Capo Cosa”, “Acqua Nera”, “Tufano”, “Cippone-Colellungo” and “Vaccareccia”.

In 2020, the number of remotely managed sites increased to 322. 17 of these are equipped with water quality control systems, in addition to load, pressure and level gauges. Furthermore, we activated ongoing load or pressure monitoring on 28 network points.

The work on new wastewater treatment plants was further boosted by detection work on infiltration and inflows in the sewage network, to improve the management of our networks and treatment plants. This activity took place in the municipalities of Broccostella, Sora, Pontecorvo and Campoli Appennino.

Finally, we are increasingly working on innovative technologies for the circular economy, particularly those that recover materials from sewage sludge: Acea Ato 5 chose the efficient treatment plant in Fiuggi Colle delle Mele for the treatment of liquid waste produced by other small sized plants.