Acea reduces water losses in the district of Frosinone

Bringing water into everyone’s home

Water is a precious resource for the region and people: to reduce losses and make the service supply even more efficient, Acea Ato 5 has developed an action plan that is both innovative and streamlined.

The first step was to start right from the region: the geographical area served by the network has been divided into smaller sections, characterized by the presence of water tanks. New technologies were applied to each area to ensure a more accurate and precise network control, including remotely controlled pressure gauges and hydro valves.
The joint action of these measures has made a difference. While pressure gauges allow water pressure in the network to be monitored remotely from the Frosinone power plant, valves stabilize pressure where necessary, according to needs.

Improvement has been immediate. Water leakages can now be immediately identified, and quick action is taken to repair damage and secure water supply. This has brought about important benefits, especially for citizens, who experience fewer water shortages.

This result has certainly contributed to improving the customers' opinion on Acea water service. The customers interviewed in the latest surveys in 2018 expressed overall satisfaction with the Acea service exceeding 80%.

The first areas covered by the new system are Sora and Frosinone, the Supino aqueduct network and the areas from Capodacqua di Castrocielo to Arce. These excellent results have convinced Acea Ato 5 to extend this strategy to other municipalities in the future.

New water purifiers and pipelines

In 2018, Acea Ato 5 also invested in the renovation of three purification plants at Acuto, Alvito and Esperia, in order to improve the quality and efficiency of their water service.

The Acuto wastewater treatment plant was upgraded to current standards adding new filters, UV disinfection treatments and remote control systems. At the same time, the efficiency of the biological sludge treatment plant in the municipality of Alvito was increased.

The Esperia municipality started the Monticelli purification plant, an important resource for environmental protection and people’s health, which collects and purifies wastewater from two sewage systems to make it reusable.

329.7 million euro (+21.5% compared to 2017)
of Acea total investments in the water sector in 2018.

Wastewater treatment plants were renovated at the same time as the drinking water network was repaired, including the replacement of an obsolete pipeline at San Giovanni Incarico and the requalification of connected water supply centres.