Waste disposal

Innovation and the environment: Acea's role in waste disposal

The Acea Group is at the forefront of the management of final waste disposal facilities, such as landfills, meeting the most stringent environmental and safety standards.

Acea Group's goals are in line with those of the European Union, which intend to limit the percentage of waste sent to landfills to 10% by 2035. In this context Acea Ambiente works on maximising material recovery through recycling and composting activities and on energy production  from waste, through waste to energy, and biogas generation. In addition, the Group is constantly striving to minimise the production of waste and minimise the volume of waste delivered to landfill facilities.

The main objective is to disincentivise the sending of waste to landfills and, when unavoidable, reduce its volume, contributing to environmental protection and the achievement of the highest ecological standards.


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