Our staff's wellbeing

We take of our employees

In Acea we look after our people with a series of initiatives designed to improve the quality of life inside and outside the company, in line with the objectives of our Industrial and Sustainability Plans.

We have devised a company Welfare Plan to enhance the personal and professional well-being of our employees. Measures have been developed to promote a suitable life-work balance, offer parenting support and provide employees and their families with healthcare, encouraging workplace flexibility and training, in particular with regard to the processes of technological and digital transformation that the Acea Group is currently implementing.

In 2020, also in view of the Covid-19 health emergency, we increased and enhanced the services offered under the Group Welfare Plan and implemented specific initiatives, such as individual and collective psychological support, a wellness programme designed to encourage the adoption of a healthy and active lifestyle through courses via streaming, a path promoting correct lifestyles called “Wellness Fridays” and parenting support actions, by means of new procedures involving flexible hours, leave and initiatives to foster an improved balance between work and childcare.

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Welfare aziendale, il benessere dei dipendenti nel modo di lavorare di Acea

The corporate Welfare initiatives in Acea

Welfare services for health and wellbeing

Additional social services, healthcare and insurance policies, favorable mobility and transportation conditions.

  • MBA healthcare services
  • Special rates for dentistry treatment
  • Medicina Preventiva Healt-Point
  • Health-Points promoting preventative medicine
  • Life and professional insurance policies
  • Men/Women’s Health prevention campaigns

Welfare measures to support the quest for a life-work balance

Not just Smart Working, but also flexible working hours and measures designed to support working mums and dads.

  • Smart Working
  • Flexible working hours and leave during children’s induction at nursery school and kindergarten
  • Measures to support working parents
  • Holiday Donation Program

Welfare measures for psychophysical wellness care

  • Individual and group psychological counselling project
  • Wellness programme
  • Cycle of webinars on correct lifestyles and healthy eating
  • Social welfare measures
  • Solidarity taxi
  • Support for Women” project

Welfare Credit

Our payment policy is based on meritocracy and rewarding value.
All employees receive a productivity bonus every year, linked to company results. From 2019, the possibility was introduced to convert the bonus into welfare services and/or supplementary pensions, offering the benefit of tax deductions and an additional payment by the company, via the MyWelfare platform.

MyWelfare Acea

people involved in a survey to create a platform with tailor-made services
adhesions, a 18.4% adhesion rate

Data as at 31 December 2021

Inclusion and protection of diversity

Well-being in Acea also means promoting the culture of diversity enhancement and combatting all forms of discrimination.

Among the numerous initiatives promoted, we adopted measures to support parenting, such as the extension of parental leave and paternity leave, hours off for nursery and infant school insertion and the holiday bank. Moreover, in 2020 we continued to participate in the School/Work System project, helping to realise the initiative Inspirational Talks Role Model, a programme aimed at promoting STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) training courses with middle and high school female students.

These initiatives, together with others currently being implemented, form part of a wider plan dedicated to Diversity Inclusion 2021 issues.

of Acea’s workforce are women
of total managers are women

Data as at 31 December 2021