Our staff's wellbeing

We listen to and value our teams

At Acea we recognise the value of our teams and encourage their growth through a series of initiatives to improve the quality of life inside and outside the company, in line with the objectives of the Industrial Plan and the Sustainability Plan.

We have devised a Corporate Welfare Plan to increase the personal and professional well-being of our people, responding to new social needs.

Measures have been developed in favour of diversity and inclusion, parenting, psycho-physical well-being, economic benefits, prevention and health care of employees and their families and work-life balance, which encourage flexibility at work, increase the sense of belonging and improve the corporate climate as a whole, thanks also to training sessions on the technological-digital transformation processes that the Group is currently implementing.

In may 2023, Acea Group and the trade unions signed the Protocol “Carta della Persona e della Partecipazione di Acea” (Acea’s Charter of the Person and Participation). The agreement aims to develop and enhance the company’s professionalism and individual and collective well-being, investing in skills and competencies as a springboard to address and win the challenges posed by the socio-economic context, as well as to create greater value for the community through people’s commitment.

The new Acea Welfare Plan

In 2022 the Group Welfare Plan was strengthened - we identified six fundamental pillars relating to health, work-life balance measures, psycho-physical well-being, supplementary pension, economic benefits and family.

Numerous remote information-gathering meetings were held to promote the Welfare Plan, actively involving all our people, and we made available a series of dedicated training videos on the company Intranet.

Welfare aziendale, il benessere dei dipendenti nel modo di lavorare di Acea

The corporate Welfare initiatives in Acea

Acea implemented numerous corporate welfare initiatives throughout 2022, promoting important communication campaigns including Prevent with Acea, dedicated to prevention, I Take Care of You, in support of care, assistance and fragility needs, Acea and Fitprime Together for Well-being, to promote healthy lifestyles, Let’s Get Guidance to raise awareness on professional orientation for children, and Acea Goes E-bike for sustainable mobility:

  • the prevention campaign “Prevent with Acea”, developed with the aim of making employees aware of the importance of health, prevention and the adoption of correct lifestyles, provides for awareness days which include free specialist screenings, as well “Safe Children", a course dedicated to paediatric prevention aimed at employees who play the role of family members and which addressed various issues such as safety at home, in the car, at the table and in the water;
  • the “I Take Care of You” caregiving program provides free personalised support for counselling and guidance and in the management of educational and/or social assistance needs;
  • the “Acea and Fitprime” wellness program promotes well-being by offering various sports-related services (sports subscriptions, live streaming courses and outdoor fitness lessons), as well as the possibility of adopting a healthy diet through personalised food plans with a nutritionist;
  • the “Let’s Get Directions” program, a career guidance course for 16-19-year-olds which included a series of lessons and insights with industry professionals and the final organisation of a workshop involving all the youngsters who had the possibility of putting into practice the skills acquired during the course. Participation in this program required the acquisition of training credits useful for their educational career;
  • the “Acea Goes E-bike” bike-sharing service promotes sustainable mobility.

Welfare services for health and wellbeing

  • Healthcare services
  • Life and professional insurance policy
  • Men’s/Women’s health prevention campaign

Measures of work-life balance
Not just Smart Working, but also flexible working hours and measures designed for parenting support.

  • Smart Working
  • Flexible working hours and leave for during children’s entrance to nursery school and preschool
  • Caregiver programme

Welfare measures for psychophysical wellness care

  • Wellness programme (sports subscriptions, live streaming and on demand training, nutritionist programme)
  • "Sostegno donna” is a helpdesk providing completely anonymous and confidential assistance to female colleagues wishing to meet with selected specialists. The contact information is available through the corporate intranet and internal communication service. 

Welfare serivices for families

  • Career guidance programme for employees’ children
  • Summer camp 

Income support measures

  • Banking agreement
  • University agreement
  • Flexible Benefits

Our remuneration policy is based on a culture of merit and value. A performance bonus is paid to all employees each year, linked to company results. Since 2019 it’s been possible to convert the premium into welfare and supplementary pension services, with the advantage of tax deductions, through the MyWelfare platform.

Supplementary pension

The contractual supplementary pension is represented by the Pegaso Fund, which over the years is taking on an increasingly significant role among the people of the Group.

Corporate solidarity

In 2023, Acea actively participated with its own team of about 200 colleagues in the Race For The Cure, the largest event dedicated to women who are facing or have faced breast cancer.

Also, the project Solidarity Taxi, promoted in Rome in collaboration with the ACLI of Rome with the aim of bringing concrete help to the most needy families and refugees from Ukraine, has donated parcels containing food and medicines by employees and the contribution of ex-employees as drivers of a Fiat Doblò, granted on free loan from Acea, to deliver solidarity parcels in the municipality of Rome. Throughout the year around 4,500 families have been helped and around 10,265 packets have been delivered.

MyWelfare Acea

+ 5,000
77 %

Data as at November 2022

Acea Goes e-Bike – Acea sustainability now travels on two wheels

With a view to combining our commitment to sustainability and attention to people, our Group has launched the Acea Goes e-Bike project, a bike sharing service available to staff. 20 pedal-assisted electric bikes have been made available at Headquarters for work trips around the city. Following a pilot period, the service will be extended to other offices and operating sites of the Group, in order to increasingly encourage sustainable mobility and initiatives dedicated to our people’s wellbeing.

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In July 2022 Acea joined Social Value Italia, an association that promotes the culture and practice of measuring the social value of companies, organizations and public administrations.

Our Group and the association are especially committed to assessing the impact of corporate welfare plans as an innovative tool to promote the wellbeing of our people.

“People Care, Welfare and Well-being”

In 2023 Acea organised, as host Company, the annual event in collaboration with the HR Community, the largest Community HR of national and international companies. As every year, the Group participates in in-depth events and round tables on issues related to the HR world by discussing with managers of other companies, in order to acquire best practices and implement innovative actions in line with market practices. On this occasion, Acea received the award for the corporate welfare plan. Various interventions took place during the day, the Acea speech was related to “Corporate Welfare as a lever of attraction and retention” and the speaker was Federica Marinetti, Head of Talent Acquisition and People Development, as well as Diversity, Equality & Inclusion Manager.

Inclusion and protection of diversity

Well-being in Acea also means promoting a culture of inclusion and appreciation of diversity by combating all forms of discrimination.

The issue of Diversity, Equality & Inclusion has assumed increasing importance for Acea which promotes greater sensitivity at all organisational levels through projects, initiatives and tools for integrating these issues into the modus operandi of the company, of individuals and of reference stakeholders.


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