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The HR team will support you in building your career, in line with your individual characteristics, your aspirations and your potential. 

The people we're looking for

We are looking for passionate people, excellence-oriented and able to act with proactivity, to work in a team and ready to take responsibility for their actions, resilient and able to learn from their mistakes to improve and make the company grow.

To concretely achieve the corporate objectives, we are looking for people with organizational, managerial, relational, and technical-operational skills, who know how to create a climate of mutual trust, promote the spreading of information and know-how, enhance, guide and include every member of the team to make them leading players of organizational success.

In particular, we are looking for young resources, such as recent high-school leavers (coming specifically form technical or professional schools) and recent university graduates, but also for specialists and managerial profiles willing to get involved in the businesses of waterenergy, environment, sustainability and innovation.

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Last job vacancies

We want to know your ambitions and enhance your skills, start your journey in Acea: discover the open positions in the Group companies or send a spontaneous application to make yourself visible to our recruiters.

Acea Career Days

8 - 12 April 2024
Digital Diversity Week - Online event dedicated to protected persons

18 April 2024
Virtual Fair - Online event dedicated to undergraduates and recent graduates on a national scale

13 - 17 May 2024
Digital Recruiting Week STEM Girls - Online event dedicated to female STEM undergraduates and recent graduates

30 May 2024
Career Day STEM Sapienza - In-person event for the University’s STEM profiles

20 June 2024
Virtual Fair ForDoc - Online event dedicated to doctoral students and Ph.D. holders

Stay informed to know the upcoming Career Days with participation by Acea during 2024.

Some figures of the talent search in 2023

searches in 2023
over 15,000

Welcome on board!

Whoever joins the great Acea team will immediately take part in an induction and onboarding course to quickly understand the context and the Group’s businesses and acquire the skills necessary to achieve results. The entire process takes place in digital format via the On Boarding Platform, packed with materials and training pills which, thanks to tests and games, allow the new hires to familiarise with the company’s culture and dynamics in a direct and informal manner. The Platform also envisages the creation of a virtual community where new arrivals can interact, exchange opinions and impressions regarding their experience on entering the Group and instantly expand their relational network.

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