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Acea Ambiente receives the EMAS Italia 2023 Award for the best innovative project for energy from renewable sources with a view to energy autonomy thanks to the expansion of the capacitor of Line 1 of the San Vittore del Lazio waste-to-energy plant, with a consequent reduction in the relative consumption of energy and an increase in the production of electricity sold to the grid. For this project, carried out on the site in December 2022, Acea Ambiente received the EMAS award for the second consecutive year as part of the prestigious Ecomondo fair ed.2023, the most important green and circular economy fair in the Euro-Mediterranean area held every year in October in Rimini.  The important recognition awarded each year by the Ecolabel and Ecoaudit Committee and by ISPRA aims to reward the most virtuous public and private entities that best interpret and apply the inspiring principles of the European Voluntary Regulation EMAS (Eco-Management and Audit Scheme), recognizing their commitment to evaluating and improving their environmental performance. Acea Ambiente was also the winner of the EMAS award in 2022 for the best initiatives in the category: circular economy and in 2021 received the special mention for the category: Communicatively more effective environmental statement.

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