Train the trainers

The goal is to create training courses managed with teachers within the Acea Group, sharing the know-how developed in their areas of expertise. Train the trainers therefore facilitates the generational turnover, preserving Acea's specialist skills, while at the same time enhancing the colleagues who have the role of trainers.

The latters are involved in one of the following paths, depending on their expertise and their role:

  • Training for Planners/Teachers: focused on the transmission of the main skills to play the role of the internal trainer, from classroom management to effective communication.
  • Training for on-the-job Trainer: centred on the methodologies for carrying out the work alongside colleagues, with the purpose of effectively transferring technical know-how and standardizing this sharing process
  • Training for Advanced Trainer: update webinars dedicated to those who already hold the role of trainer at Acea, in order to consolidate the knowledge already acquired.

In 2023 the internal trainers of the Group were 103. A library of training video capsules about Anti-Corruption Compliance and Sustainability was created in 2023 with the support of internal trainers.


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