Energy production

The 2020-2024 Business Plan is focused on consolidating the generation of green power, with particular reference to photovoltaic sources, in support of the decarbonisation and energy transition processes.

Today, we operate in the photovoltaic energy sector with a total installed capacity of approximately 45 MWp.
By the end of 2024, we plan to expand our portfolio with around 750 MW of installed photovoltaic plant capacity, of which 569 MW from greenfield development in industrial and agricultural areas and 178 MW from M&A transactions. When fully operational, the new facilities will have an annual output of over 1.3 TWh, corresponding to approximately 600 kt of avoided CO2 emissions.

We also generate electricity via 2 thermoelectric power plants (Montemartini and Tor di Valle) located in the Municipal area of Rome, with an overall installed capacity of 97 MW, and 7 hydroelectric power plants, located in the regions of Lazio and Abruzzo, with a total capacity of 122 MW. During recent years the hydroelectric power facilities have undergone refurbishment and efficiency enhancing interventions: during 2019, revamping works continued at the Galileo Ferraris Hydroelectric Power Plant in Mandela, enabling optimisation in the use of available water resources.
In 2019, the project went ahead to expand the district heating network at the Tor di Valle power plant, which serves the Mezzocammino neighbourhood in the southern area of Rome.
We also produce energy via two waste-to-energy plants, for an overall electricity output of 58MWe.

residents served by district heating
electricity produced
electricity produced from renewable sources
CO2 saved through the production of electricity from renewable sources

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The company Ecogena develops energy efficiency initiatives for the Group and reports their results to the Gestore dei Servizi Energetici (GSE) for the awarding of Energy Efficiency Certificates (EECs). The activities assigned to Ecogena also include the design and building of trigeneration plants for the production, in combined mode, of electricity, heat and cold.

Cogeneration and trigeneration

Cogeneration, namely the combined production of electrical and thermal energy, allows high efficiencies to be achieved, between 80% and 90%. Trigeneration, which is a special application of cogeneration, allows use of a part of the thermal energy recovered in order to produce cooling energy in the form of cooled water for air conditioning in rooms or for industrial processes.