Sustainability rating

We are seeing a growing attention towards Acea on the part of “sustainable investors”. The latter in fact represent almost 5% of share capital and approximately 35% of total institutional investors. During this past year there has been a further increase in the interest shown by institutional investors towards ESG issues which are being more and more integrated into investment decisions. For this reason, in 2020 we set up the Investor Relations & Sustainability division, in order to increasingly combine and integrate aspects of a financial nature with sustainability objectives and ESG aspects in dealings with Italian and overseas analysts and institutional investors, ensuring the valorisation and correct positioning of the Acea Group.

Throughout the year, there are more and more frequent opportunities for dialogue and interaction with responsible and sustainable finance operators, prompted by additional information requests for assessment and data model purposes. More specifically, in 2020 the group’s ESG performance was analysed by Sustainalytics, VigeoEiris, Gaia Rating, FTSE Russel ESG and Refinitiv.