Sustainability rating

In the current macroeconomic situation, sustainable funds demonstrate a resilience in line with “traditional” funds. The growing attention of ESG investors vis-à-vis Acea is confirmed by their greater presence in our capital: according to an analysis carried out in November 2022, they represent 6.4% of share capital (compared to 5.5% the previous year) and around 51% of total institutional investors (compared to 40% in 2021). This concerns above all European funds, followed by North American funds. In order to respond to these increasing expectations, in 2020 we set up the Investor Relations & Sustainability division, with a view to combining and integrating more and more aspects of a financial nature with sustainability objectives and ESG aspects in dealings with Italian and overseas analysts and institutional investors, ensuring the valorisation and correct positioning of the Acea Group.
As evidence of our commitment to sustainability, on 19 December 2022 Acea joined the MIB ESG index, the first ESG index dedicated to major Italian listed companies offering the best ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) practices.

In the course of the year, we received ESG assessments on the part of other major operators: Sustainalytics recognised Acea’s medium risk level (just above the threshold, with a score of 20.1), reflecting its optimal safeguarding of management; MSCI ESG Rating, in assessing the proactive handling of ESG risks to which Acea is exposed, confirmed its “A” rating (on a scale of AAA (leader) to CCC). During the year interactions also took place with Corporate Knights, concerning the ESG assessment initiatives carried out by the agency, and with ISS ESG, which confirmed the rating previously issued (C+).

In addition, in May 2022 Acea was included among the 200 Sustainability Leaders, a list issued by Il Sole 24 Ore – Statista, which comprises the Italian companies that stand out for being the most sustainable and transparent in reporting.The ranking was drawn up based on forty indicators relating to the three dimensions of sustainability: environmental, social and economic.


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