Acea women inspire tomorrow's talents

Four Acea professionals were selected as Role Models, to bring their personal successful experience to high schools and universities and help young talents find their way in the labour market.

The labour market is constantly evolving. The schooling system is also ready to transform itself in order to train bright and talented young people and make them more aware of what they may find at the end of their studies.

Since April 2019, more than 100 professional women have entered high schools and universities as Role Models, to tell students about their personal experience as successful women in traditionally male sectors.

This initiative is part of the school/work project, a training and work orientation project promoted by Elis consortium shared by 30 companies, including the Acea Group.

School/work project figures

schools in Lazio

After classroom meetings, a day  at the company’s premises will be arranged to let young students work on site together with their Role Model. "This will be a useful opportunity to make them understand that professionalism does not only depend on the technical and scientific skills gained at school. A great deal is made of problem-solving skills, initiative, leadership and discipline. The benefits from this initiative, however, will not be limited to students.

Being an example for the young, a virtuous model of approach to the job, is a great responsibility. To the classroom I have brought my own history: that of a young female engineering graduate who, through commitment and dedication, has become successful on the workplace. Because if you have a chance show your competence and professionalism, the sky is the limit.

Luana Esposito

Preparing myself to tell other people my story was very useful to me. In particular, it made me spend some time thinking over what I’ve done so far.

Tiziana Buonfiglio
Luana Esposito
Luisa Marotta
Patrizia Vasta

We wish to inform trainers about market evolution and the skills required by companies. They will be responsible for including this in classroom teaching programs and methods, so that students are prepared well in advance to enter the labour market.

Jlenia Sassi, Head of Recruiting and training

Today, Acea employs many women in technical departments and innovation sectors, where they hold positions of responsibility within the Group. Actually, changing the future means starting from people as protagonists.