We promote organisational wellbeing

Work-life balance

Ensuring a balance between working and personal life is part of our commitment towards the Group's staff. In effect, it is now acknowledged that work-life balance measures increase employee satisfaction and generate improved business performance. This is why we undertake to ensure our staff’s wellbeing, also via the new company Welfare Plan.

Smart working in Acea: a proven format

Starting from 2018 we implemented smart working within the Group in a structural manner via the agile Smart People work project, with a view to improving life-work reconciliation as well as attracting talents and increasing productivity.
The initiative, agreed with the trade unions, was developed based on the values of the Leadership Model and aims to:

  • enhance autonomy and resourcefulness in the achievement of objectives, freeing people from the constraints of working location and hours;
  • create new methods of individual and team working.

The proven format and related accompanying actions, such as the creation of a development path, the sharing of a remote working culture and the digitalisation of corporate processes, again in 2021 allowed us to implement smart working for most employees, in accordance with the safety measures imposed by the government for the Covid-19 health emergency. During the year we also recorded, via the administration of surveys, the opinions, any difficulties encountered and requests of personnel with regard to agile working procedures.

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Over the years we have endeavoured to increasingly promote and integrate the principles of diversity and inclusion in business management and, with this in mind, have undertaken a number of major initiatives.

From a governance perspective, responsibility for diversity and inclusion is assigned to the Ethics and Sustainability Committee, which has the task of promoting a diversity evaluation culture and opposing all forms of discrimination, while from an operational standpoint, within the Human Resources Department, the mission of the Development and Change management unit also includes the undertaking of initiatives in the area of Inclusion Management and People Experience. Moreover, with the social partners we have signed a Protocol on Diversity and Inclusion, operational at Group level, aimed at valorising diversities and combatting all forms of discrimination in the workplace, and have set up:

  • an appropriate 2021-2022 Diversity & Inclusion Plan for the definition of a programme of initiatives addressed to employees and for monitoring indicators of interest
  • a Group procedure for the “Protection, inclusion, valorisation of employee diversities and wellbeing

Bloomberg Gender-Equality Index (GEI) 2022

Acea has been included in the 2022 Bloomberg Gender-Equality Index (GEI) with a score of 80.67 ona a scale of 0-100 (+10.18 compared to last year) which places the company in an above average position both for the sector (71.21) and compared to the sample examined (71.11).

Bloomberg Gender-Equality Index (GEI) measures gender equality across five pillars – female leadership, equal pay and gender pay parity, inclusive culture, sexual harassment policies, and pro-women brand.
Acea is one of 418 public companies assessed worldwide, representing 45 countries from a variety of sectors (communications, finance, utilities, etc.).

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A pact for diversity and inclusion

Together with other public service providers, Acea signed the 'Utilitalia - diversity makes the difference' pact, to facilitate gender, age, culture and skill diversity.
An open document to all pact members, the program focuses on inclusive policies at all levels of the organization, work-life balance, transparent meritocracy and policies to increase awareness inside and outside.

Protection of diversity: the projects

  • The adoption of measures with regard to flexible hours and parenting support, including: the extension for family reasons of workers’ parental leave, in the case of either mothers or fathers, by an additional three months;  the extension of paternity leave, with an additional two days of paid leave, to be used within two months of the child’s birth, adoption or fostering; the opportunity to take leave hours in the case of children starting nursery, kindergarten and on the first day of primary school and the holiday donation programme.
  • Participation in the School/work project, by helping to realise the initiative Inspirational Talks Role Model, aimed at promoting STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) training courses with middle and high school female students.

Association membership and solidarity

Our company also has structures that perform activities of a social nature, directly involving employees.

The Company Recreational Club (CRC) offers cultural, sports, tourism, economic, commercial initiatives and personal services with a view to enhancing the free time of its members. Among other things, the Club performs the important task of managing the company nursery available for use by both employees and residents in the municipality where Acea is based, which in 2021 accommodated 20 children in the first six months and 25 in the second. Moreover, the Company Recreational Club concludes agreements with institutions offering healthcare services and sets up commercial arrangements in favour of our employees, including the sale of tickets for sports, theatrical and musical events. Through the CRC we also continue to maintain the Relief Fund, a major solidarity tool for supporting the families of deceased, in-service or retired colleagues.


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