We promote organisational wellbeing

Work-life balance

Ensuring a balance between working and personal life is part of our commitment towards the Group's staff. In effect, it is now acknowledged that work-life balance measures increase employee satisfaction and generate improved business performance. This is why we undertake to ensure our staff’s wellbeing, also via the company Welfare Plan.

Association membership and solidarity

Our company also has structures that perform activities of a social nature, directly involving employees.

The Company Recreational Club (CRC) offers cultural, sports, tourism, economic, commercial initiatives and personal services with a view to enhancing the free time of its members. Among other things, the Club performs the important task of managing the company nursery available for use by both employees and residents in the municipality where Acea is based, which in 2023 accommodated 35 children in the first six months and 28 in the second. Moreover, the Company Recreational Club concludes agreements with institutions offering healthcare services and sets up commercial arrangements in favour of our employees, including the sale of tickets for sports, theatrical and musical events. Through the CRC we also continue to maintain the Relief Fund, a major solidarity tool for supporting the families of deceased, in-service or retired colleagues.

The ACLI (Christian Association of Italian Workers) Unit at Acea promotes solidarity and support initiatives and social services, such as advice on mortgages and loans, school assistance for the children of employees attending lower and upper secondary school, the organisation of language courses, cultural and sports activities. Again in 2023, the ACLI Unit supported local initiatives of social value (Food Bank, Caritas, etc.).


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