Work-life balance

Ensuring a balance between work and personal recreation is part of our commitment towards the staff in the Group. In fact, it is now acknowledged that work-life balance measures increase employee satisfaction and generate  positive results on the corporate organisation.

The “Smart People” project

After an initial experimental phase with the project E.L.E.N.A (Experimenting flexible Labour tools for Enterprises by engaging men And women), in 2018 we implemented structural smart working.

The initiative was agreed with the trade unions and was structured on the values of the Leadership Model. It aims to:

  • strengthen autonomy and initiative to achieve the objectives  by giving people freedom to choose their work place and working hours;  

  • create new ways of working for individuals and teams.

The call to start smart working was implemented in October and 466 applications were made to join, of which 295 were accepted.  

The current progress of the project as yet under development is monitored qualitative and quantitative KPIs and specific surveys for smart workers and their supervisors. An analysis of the data so far reveals a positive perception of smart working, considered as a useful tool for work-life balance capable of increasing employee productivity.


Over the years we have used a series of tools to promote and integrate the principles and initiatives regarding diversity.

Where governance is concerned, in 2018, we gave the Ethics and Sustainability Committee the responsibility for diversity with the task of promoting a culture to value diversity and oppose all forms of discrimination. We have a Charter for the management of diversity, which aims to promote diversity management policies and procedures and, new for 2018, the procedure for the Protection, inclusion and valorisation of diversity and workers’ wellbeing”. From an operational viewpoint,  the People Involvement Group in the Department of Human Capital Development supervises inclusion and the protection of diversity.

Protecting diversity: our projects in 2018

La partecipazione al progetto:

  • MAAM (Maternity As A Master), the initiative using coaching to enhance the skills within the working environment, which arise from parental experience, such as emotive intelligence, listening and guidance skills, time management and creativeness.
  • Partecipazione in the Marisa Bellisario which values women’s talent in the world of work;
  • The implementation of measures to give parents flexible working hours and support, including: the extension of worker’s leave (by a further three months) for mothers and fathers who at the end of the period of leave envisaged by law are unable to return to work on family grounds; the extension of paternity leave by granting two days of paid leave on top of those envisaged by law to be used within two months from the birth, adoption or fostering; the opportunity to take hourly leave to settle the children at the  nursery, pre-school and on the first day of primary school.

Association membership and solidarity

Our company has structures, which carry out social activities to involve employees directly.  

The Company Recreational Circle (CRA) is one of the most important areas in Acea: it offers initiatives of cultural, sports, tourism, economic and commercial interest and personal services to enhance the members leisure time. The Circle has the important task among other things of managing the corporate day nursery which can be used by employees and by the residents of the municipality in which Acea has its head office and which in 2018 looked after 35 children in the first six months and 25 in the second. The Company Recreational Circle also draws up agreements in favour of our employees and sets up commercial agreements including ticket sales for sports, theatre and musical events.

Lastly it organises numerous initiatives of solidarity at Acea which support social causes via the purchase of correlated products, such as the purchase and distribution of Panettoni at Christmas with the proceeds going to the Italian Red Cross or the choice of Christmas Parcels with products from the areas hit by the earthquake in 2016. A major instrument of solidarity between employees is the Fondo Soccorso (Relief Fund), an initiative to support the families of colleagues who have died, are in service or retired.