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ProteggiAmo l’Ambiente: Acea Scuola's environmental education project

An initiative that aims to raise awareness among youngsters on the issue of environmental sustainability, ProteggiAmo l'Ambiente is the educational project of the 2022 edition of Acea Scuola designed to involve students through a digital platform full of multimedia content on environmental challenges such as water and energy saving.

The new edition of "ProteggiAmo l'Ambiente", which will be available in two sessions in November 2022 and February 2023, is aimed at schools in Rome and Rome’s Metropolitan City in the second cycle of primary and lower secondary schools. The initiative is sponsored by the School, Work and Professional Training Department of Roma Capitale and included in their training plan "Map of the Educating City s.y. 2022/2023"

The two protagonists of the Netflix series "Di4ri", Biagio Venditti and Francesca La Cava, were involved in the initiative to guide the students and their teachers through the discovery of an interactive virtual ecovillage, the Acea EcoVillage, by means of videos, quizzes and in-depth studies on the most relevant issues concerning the protection of the Planet.

Who are Biagio Venditti and Francesca La Cava?

Starring in the Netflix series "Di4ri", Biagio Venditti and Francesca La Cava play two students at a middle school on the island of Ischia. Biagio, already known for his performance in Don Matteo, began his acting career as a child, which he cultivated along with his passion for dance, while Francesca is making her debut.

What are Ecovillages?

Sustainability and sharing are the founding principles of ecovillages, ecological communities where people live with respect for nature and others. Also called intentional sustainable communities, they are based on certain rules such as the use of renewable energy, the reduction of the environmental footprint and impact, and food based on organic farming.

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