Acea School

Acea School - Protecting water! Digital Edition

The initiative, created by Acea specifically for schools, renews itself and launches a full digital experience project focused on sustainability and saving water.
As last year, the setting is the Auditorium della Conciliazione, but with one difference: the 2020 edition is held entirely online, in a 3D reconstruction of the environment made using a dedicated platform.
This edition of Acea School comprised three events, each with a specific topic: Water’s journey, Environment and Quality of Water and Sustainability and Saving Water
Students are involved in a multimedia experience that follows the entire water cycle, from the spring to our homes.
Constructed as an amazing journey in the world of water, the route allows users, students, families, and anyone interested, to discover in a unique way the activities and technologies used by Acea to protect and ensure the good quality of this precious resource.