The dialogue with our Stakeholders

Map of stakeholders of the Acea Group

The dialogue process consists of various phases. The first major step is to identify the different types of stakeholders, i.e. all those who are directly or indirectly influenced by the company business. We have drawn up a map of our stakeholders showing the macro-categories of essential contacts: our customers, employees, suppliers, shareholders and backers, the institutions, the local community, the natural environment and the company itself.

Secondly, the analysis phase helps us assess the extent of the interaction between the stakeholders and the company in order to identify the best ways to dialogue.

Lastly, the most operational management phase enables us to identify the most suitable responses to the requests made by the stakeholders or by the company in order to continue to achieve the corporate objectives according to expectations.

Graphic representation of the Acea Group relations with stakeholders

Sustainability Day Acea

Business. Sustainability. Future. Acea Sustainability Day is an event organized to share and discuss ideas and possibilities for a sustainable future to be pursued with the participation and contribution of representatives from public institutions and the research and green economy sector.