The dialogue with our Stakeholders

Map of stakeholders of the Acea Group

The dialogue process consists of three different phases. The first major step is to identify the different types of stakeholders, namely all those who are directly or indirectly influenced by the company business and who, in turn, have an impact on the company. We have drawn up a map of our stakeholders showing the macro-categories of essential contacts: our customers, employees, suppliers, shareholders and backers, the institutions, the local community, the natural environment and the company itself.

Secondly, the analysis phase helps us assess the extent of the interaction between the stakeholders and the company in order to identify the best ways to dialogue.

Lastly, the most operational management phase enables us to identify the most suitable responses to the requests made by the stakeholders or by the company in order to continue to achieve the corporate objectives according to expectations.

By way of this approach, Acea undertakes to develop a relationship of trust with the parties concerned, in keeping with commitments expressed in the Management and Sustainability System Policy, the principles stated in the Code of Ethics, revised at the end of 2022, and the Principles and values of Stakeholder Engagement, formalised during the course of 2021.

Graphic representation of the Acea Group relations with stakeholders

Stakeholder engagement and listening

For Acea Group, engaging, listening and communicating with stakeholders in a constructive way is a core element when aiming for a sustainable success. 

In fact, the Group considers its stakeholders not only as key subjects - who make the achievement of business goals possible, - but also, and foremost, as main direct or indirect recipients of the value created through its own activities.

Acea’s inclusive and proactive approach towards all stakeholders, in a perspective of continuity and meeting of interests, is proved by its daily commitment to safeguarding and managing natural resources. Moreover, for over 100 years the Group has given its contribution to the creation of sustainable and resilient communities, fostering their spirit of innovation, providing essential services to improve people’s lives and protect the environment, with a vision of the future that considers the needs of new generations.

Acea Group believes in the active engagement of its stakeholders, developing strong and long-lasting relationships, based on integrity, transparency and respect for the rules.

In order to guarantee a homogeneous approach in the relations with stakeholders, the Group has adopted the Principles and values of Stakeholder Engagement, expression of a strategic attitude which stands at the basis of an extensive and consistent integration of stakeholder engagement in the management of its own activities.

Principles and values of Stakeholder Engagement

Acea Innovation Day 2022

In 2022, the third edition of the Acea Innovation Day event took place, created from the will to combine tradition and innovation with a view to meeting the challenges posed by the future and by sustainability.

This year the initiative was centred around “People, territories, experiences. Describing the ecological and digital transition”, making space for a dialogue involving key players from the institutional and industrial world in three encounters located in as many territories: Umbria, Campania and Lazio. Each stage was dedicated to a specific theme associated with the ecological and digital transition in our country

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