Management training

Our programs, aimed at developing leadership and enhancing People, provide excellent tools, programs and training activities, thanks to the collaboration with partners of national importance and always looking at the skills of the future and on the main emerging management trends.

The training areas are customized according to the skills to be trained and specific professional development paths.

In recent years, training for our management has covered the following areas of expertise:

  • Leadership and Employee Management develop and train the key skills to be a Leader, effectively manage work teams and develop the potential of one's collaborators in line with the corporate values and in compliance with the defined objectives to be achieved;
  • Leadership and Network: train relational and behavioural skills to be able to relate optimally with all the people who are part of one's working ecosystem;
  • Communication and Negotiation: govern communication processes with full awareness and be able to understand one's interlocutor, identify their true needs and true expectations.
  • Strategy and General Management: analyse and anticipate the evolution of markets and technologies, develop the ability to express an original strategic vision, outlining new competitive scenarios, not neglecting relationships with creative resources and key players, internal and external to one's organisation.

People and their ability to make a valuable contribution to the achievement of strategic objectives are at the centre of each training course.


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