Acea's "instruments" for its water supply

Acea Ato2 began with the "Instruments" campaign, which aimed to strengthen the collaboration between Acea and our customers, who become co-protagonists in charge of operating the water system. The concept behind the campaign, designed by the Rome head office of Publicis, represents a sort of virtual circle of water, where collaboration between users and company guarantees an amicable, well-balanced management of the system to continually improve the service. The creative idea uses the metaphor of musical instruments to describe the process of water supply with some typical musical features, such as harmony, balance, commitment and collaboration. The videos show some unusual instruments, which first appear to be an ordinary trumpet, a tuba and a horn. However, if we look more closely, we see they are made of hydraulic parts, such as pipes, knobs and meters. The three radio stories follow the creative strategy based on the relationship of collaboration between Acea and its customers: in the three scheduled stories, we find some surreal employment interviews, where Acea staff interview some unlikely candidates. Completing all the communications is the claim "Acea. The source of a better service is you" to underline the importance of the customer's contribution to the continual process of improving the services.

Acea campagna


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