Liquid waste treatment plants

Where our liquid waste treatment plants are located

With the Group's companies, Acea operates in the liquid waste treatment sector in Tuscany, Lazio, Aosta Valley and Marche.

Bio Ecology plant

Region: Tuscany
The Bio Ecology plant in Chiusi offers a treatment service for urban and non-hazardous waste as part of its liquid waste recovery and management activities. The service is provided through a multifunctional platform equipped with chemical-physical and biological processes. In the same plant, the purification of municipal sewage through suspended biomass biological treatment is ensured. The authorized capacity for liquid waste treatment 99,900 tons/year.

The Bio Ecologia plant in 2023 treated about 96,300 tons of liquid waste and about 86,900 m3 of wastewater.

Industrial Waters

Region: Tuscany
The company carries out industrial water purification and brokerage, it also treats liquid wastes on multi-purpose platforms with chemical-physical action processes. The company conducts research and development activities in relevant fields in collaboration with regional and national research institutions.

In 2023, 25,205 tons of liquid waste were treated. In addition, the Company provided a brokerage service for approximately 30,000 tonnes of waste.


Region: Lazio
Berg operates in Frosinone industrial area carrying out brokerage and liquid waste treatment activities on a multi-purpose platform with chemical-physical action processes, suspended biomass biological and concentration action processes with vacuum evaporation section.
In 2023, approximately 131,700 tons of waste, both solid and liquid, were processed.


Region: Aosta Valley
Since 1987, ISECO SpA operates in water services and whey-derived milk processing. The company works in Aosta Valley and they are specialised in designing, constructing, and managing ecological-industrial plants that have the character of a public service and include complex technology.
ISECO SpA is the industrial partner for Aosta Valley public entities, and acts as the technical and operational manager of the regional municipal wastewater treatment plants.
The company works in two sectors: 

  • the Water sector, that comprises different activities namely: the management, maintenance and construction of sewage treatment plants and sewerage networks activities, as well as the management technical facilities of aqueduct networks and waste transportation and disposal.
  • the Dairy sector, that comprises different activities namely: the production of whey powder and the marketing of related products for livestock and food use, process of whey-derived products for third parties and provide maintenance and construction services for technical equipment used in dairies.

These activities are performed in Saint Marcel plant and in all wastewater and sewage sludge treatment plants in the regional territory. 

In 2023, about 15,000 tons of liquid waste were treated; 24,762 tons of dairy products were produced, of which 20,621 tons of whey from the Valle d 'Aosta dairy service.


Region: Tuscany
Aquaser works in the waste transport and brokerage sector, ensuring the management of municipal sludge from the treatment plants of the Acea Group companies. The waste is delivered to appropriate treatment plants in accordance with EU and national standards for the most efficient recovery of materials and energy.


Data updated to December 2023


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