Cesspool pertinent to the Valle Giordano purifier

Cesspool Valle Giordano Cesspool Valle Giordano Cesspool Valle Giordano

Description and Goals

The intervention aims to provide the municipality of Zagarolo with an efficient urban waste collection system, considering compliance with the legal limits established to protect the receiving water bodies, adapting it in compliance with Italian Legislative Decree no. 152 dated 03/04/2006 and the implementing rules of the Water Protection Plan of the Lazio Region. To this end, zero energy impact gravity collectors are planned to be built for a total length of approximately 4.8 km, which will bring the wastewater to the Valle Giordano Purifier. This will involve the areas of Colle Gentile and Stazione Zagarolo Collecchi, which are currently without a sewerage system.

Sewer system network
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