Acea Vendor Rating per ottimizzare la supply chain

Acea is seeking suitable professionalism in its suppliers, along with commitment to sharing principles and values which have always allowed our Group to stand out. 

With this in mind, we are going to begin a synergic process aimed at improving the performance of the supply chain, especially in relation to strategic areas.

What is Vendor Rating?

Vendor Rating is a tool to assess the performance of the supply chain, that allows to evaluate the suitability of an economic operator against the needs of a Contracting Entity. Active suppliers are given scores based on their actual performance. Such scores are assigned according to various performance assessment parameters and detailed metrics. 

Acea’s model for assessing suppliers

The model adopted by Acea is based on a rating elaborated for each supplier/goods category and resulting from the weighted sum of the following detailed indicators.

The Vendor Rating model has been defined for goods, services and works and for the supplier/goods categories, and the rating is calculated taking into account the performance of the supplier under consideration*, recorded over the last 24 months (rolling observation period) and updated on a monthly basis.

* The suppliers’ area was identified by considering the so-called 'in-scope suppliers', i.e. suppliers having ongoing contracts (at least one goods entry) in the two-year observation period and registered in the qualification systems/list of suppliers.

Assessment of supply chain performance


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