In order to spread a culture based on respect for the environment and social development, we organise various events to involve and raise the awareness of the local communities. In fact, we are convinced that our efforts to protect natural resources and our respect for the territory can generate value for everyone, if our stakeholders also share and take part.

Our suppliers

For some year now we have been monitoring the greenhouse gas emissions of our supply chain with the additional objective of encouraging our suppliers to adopt initiatives to manage their environmental impact responsibly. Furthermore, during the qualification stage, they are given a mandatory self-assessment questionnaire, which includes environmental and social questions and we are developing initiatives to raise awareness on social and environmental topics.

The community

We want industry and territory to develop constructively together with mutual respect. We actively take part in dialogue initiatives with the local community (Committees, negotiating tables) with a view to jointly tackling the problems that emerge, and planning together the development of solutions for the community through targeted, and weighted investments. Moreover, we enhance the value of the industrial sites pertaining  to the Group's companies by organising cultural events and opening our plants to external visitors in 2018, we ran 51 tours accommodating approximately 13,290 visitors from Italy and abroad, including around  7,675  children and  teachers involved in the Acea School project.

The residents

It is important for residents to become increasingly conscious of how they use natural resources. Thus, each year we organise campaigns to raise awareness and engage on topics concerning water and energy saving and protection of the environment.

Joining forces for water: our water saving campaign

Following last year’s water crisis, in 2018 we wanted to continue our commitment for water by conservation by servicing and investing in our plants and, last but not least, to stress how important it is for everyone to be committed to combatting drought, which has now become a global problem.  

  • Our own employees were key players in the campaign which was structured in three phases:
  • the launch of a teaser to attract attention and arouse curiosity and expectations;
  • te Overall Visual for water, the massive, central phase of the campaign involving the press, the Internet and dynamic and static posting; several individuals, all Acea employees, took it in turn;  
  • the recall phase in September using the same means as the central phase, with the inclusion of different individuals, again Acea employees.  

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The students

Students and the younger generations in general are major stakeholders, as they represent our future. It is, therefore, essential to involve them  in the sustainable development of our planet. Alongside the numerous campaigns to raise awareness on the responsible use of natural resources and the guided tours of our plants, for years we have been involving thousands of children in our Acea School environmental education programme  for primary and secondary schools in the City of Rome,  which in 2018 saw the participation of  over 7,600 students and teachers.  We also design Work-Study courses to stimulate the interest of young people, who are approaching the age of employment, in the sustainable management of our business encouraging them to reflect on the future of the natural environment.