We raise awareness to create value

In order to spread a culture based on respect for the environment and social development, we organise various events to involve and raise the awareness of the local communities. In fact, we are convinced that our efforts to protect natural resources and our respect for the territory can generate value for everyone, if our stakeholders also share and take part.

Our suppliers

For some years now we have been monitoring the energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions of our supply chain with the additional objective of encouraging our suppliers to adopt initiatives to manage their environmental impact responsibly. Furthermore, during the qualification stage, they are required to complete a mandatory self-assessment questionnaire, which includes environmental and social questions, and we are developing awareness-raising initiatives on social and environmental topics. Moreover, a project has been launched for the Group Vendor Rating system, to be implemented even replacing the other Vendor Rating models previously applied, for the analysis, assessment and monitoring of supplier performances with a view to enhancing the level of competitiveness and quality of the services rendered and products supplied. The indicator for the monitoring of suppliers with regard to sustainability-related aspects will be calculated by ECOVADIS, the most important European platform for the CSR assessment of businesses.

The territory

We want to grow alongside the territory, with mutual respect and in a constructive manner. We actively take part in dialogue initiatives with the local community with a view to jointly tackling the problems that emerge, and planning together the development of solutions for the community through targeted and weighted investments. With regard to energy distribution, for example, Acea was involved in the PlatOne project (PLATform for Operation of distribution Networks), a European consortium of companies and organisations, whose objective is to develop a technological solution capable of optimising the working and management of the electrical grid, making it more stable and resilient. Insofar as concerns environmental sustainability and the circular economy, Acea participated in activities pertaining to the Italian industrial research and development centre (AIRES), a network of companies, institutions and technological consortia committed to development of the circular economy and environmental sustainability, and took part in the Italian Phosphorus Platform promoted by the Ministry for the Environment and managed by ENEA, developing dedicated projects, also thanks to the availability of European funding; Acea also collaborated with ENEA in connection with a dedicated protocol for the development of projects relating to sustainable waste cycle and water resource management, with a view to applying innovative technologies and solutions for the industrial projects managed.

Moreover, we enhance the value of the industrial sites pertaining to the Group's companies by organising cultural events and opening our plants to external visitors.

The community

It is important for residents to become increasingly conscious of how they use natural resources. Thus, each year we organise campaigns to raise awareness and engage on topics concerning water and energy saving and protection of the environment. In particular, the new generations represent our future. Their involvement is therefore essential to the sustainable development of the planet. Notwithstanding a situation characterised by the Covid-19 emergency, we continued our initiatives dedicated to young people and numerous awareness campaigns on environmental sustainability and the responsible use of natural resources. In fact, we set up digital events such as the 2020 edition of “Acea School – Protecting Water!” (link alla pagina “Events” della sezione “Media”), focused on the conservation of water resources. The initiative took place in October and provided for three virtual events, accessible throughout the national territory, involving the participation of around 4,000 people.

We are also planning Work experience paths to stimulate the interest of young people approaching working age for the sustainable management of our businesses, encouraging them to reflect on the future of the natural environment. In 2021, this intention gave rise to the GenerAzione Digitale (Digital Generation) project, the new project dedicated to the training and orientation of young talents towards the working world. Based on a totally digital format, we accompany young people along their personal and professional growth path, enhancing their awareness to the importance of sustainability and innovation for environmental conservation.

#IORESTOACASA: timely communication with customer

In order to provide an immediate response to the Covid-19 health emergency, we created a campaign addressed to customers, namely the #IORESTOACASA initiative. The main objective was to readily inform all customers of the possibility to manage from home, 24 hours a day using digital channels, operations pertaining to water, electricity and gas supply contracts.

In September 2020 the campaign received the 17th Press, Outdoor & Promotion Key Award for the Transportation and Energy category.

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The students

Students and the younger generations in general are major stakeholders, as they represent our future
To involve them in the sustainable development of our planet is, therefore, essential. Alongside the numerous awareness campaigns regarding the responsible use of natural resources and the guided tours of our plants, for years we have been involving thousands of children in our Acea School environmental education programme for primary and secondary schools in the City of Rome. We also arrange Work-Study Alternation courses to stimulate the interest of young people approaching working age, for the sustainable management of our businesses, encouraging them to reflect on the future of the natural environment.