Acea2000. More useful than ever

The campaign for Acea's entry on the stock market began on 8 June and was a chance to reveal the numerous things Acea does for its residents and the extent of its presence in everyday life. The campaign, curated by McCann Erickson of Rome, used all means of communication: TV, radio, newspapers and posters. What strikes you is that the words "Reason no. ..." appears with a different number each time on various details in the photos and television pictures (fountains, lamp-posts, trams, illuminated monuments, etc.). This reveals Acea's presence with the 2000 good reasons, which make this company a multi-service business capable of simplifying residents' lives. The payoff, “Acea2000. More useful than ever", really wants to exaggerate Acea's widespread presence and show how its vocation as a multi-utility company looks to the future.

Acea campagna


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