Energy distribution

We distribute electricity to households and companies, and we illuminate the Capital's roads and monuments.
We distribute electricity and heating mainly in the metropolitan area of Rome for both private use and public and artistic lighting. In just the Rome area, we distribute around 9 TWh of electricity and control a public and artistic lighting network comprising 205,697 lighting points and 232,334 lamps, 92% of which are LED lamps.

In terms of volumes of electricity distributed, Acea is the third largest Italian operator in the sector.

We constantly focus on reducing our environmental impact: we are committed to energy efficiency projects and the development of new technologies - from LED lamps to smart grid projects and electrical mobility - which reduce the light pollution and CO2 emissions of our businesses and services.

In 2023, as part of the Resilience Plan, 31 kms of medium voltage (MV) cable were modernised, 52 secondary substations were renovated for increased resilience to critical “heat wave” factors, and 21 secondary substations were renovated for increased resilience to critical “flooding” factors.

around 32,200
energy distribution network
over 2.8
residents served
lighting points

Data as at 31 December 2023

Our objectives to develop our business

Our objective is to guarantee the grid’s resilience and enhance service quality by promoting the energy transition through the electrification of consumptions and large network services. The Business Plan envisages:

  • an upgrade of the low and medium voltage network, particularly as regards the city of Rome 
  • modernisation of the medium and low voltage network in order to enhance safety through advanced diagnostics, remote control and automation; 
  • the smartisation of the grid for dynamic management, control of PODs via 2G smart meters and large-scale demand response through artificial intelligence and IoT platforms;
  • the development of “smart” Public Lighting. 


2G Digital Meters

From October 2020 Acea, through its company Areti, commenced the project to replace first generation electricity meters with the innovative 2G Smart meter system which allows more accurate measurement and a better and optimised management of the network. The additional 2G smart meters installed by Areti in 2023 totalled 333,664.


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