Our "Energy infrastructure" business area distributes the power supply and heating mainly in the metropolitan area of Rome for private use and public and artistic lighting. In just the Rome area, we distribute approximately 10 TWh of electricity to over 1.6 million delivery points and control a public and artistic lighting network of almost 200,000 lighting points.

We constantly focus on reducing our environmental impact: we are committed to energy efficiency projects and the development of new technologies - from LED lamps, smart grid projects and electrical mobility to renewable energy plants - which reduce the light pollution and CO2 emissions of our businesses and services.

We produce electricity mainly via 7 hydroelectric power plants, located in the regions of Lazio and Abruzzo, with an overall capacity of 122 MW, and 2 thermoelectric plants (Montemartini and Tor di Valle) situated in the Municipality of Rome, with a total installed power of 97.3 MW. We are also present in the photovoltaic sector with a total installed capacity of about 37MWp and, through Acea Ambiente, generate energy via two waste-to-energy plants, for an overall gross electricity output of 58MWe.

distributed in the city of Rome
residents served by district heating
tons of CO2 less thanks to our streamlining work
of energy produced from renewable sources

Data as at 31 December 2019

Our objectives to develop our Energy Infrastructure business

  • Technological evolution of the network, with the installation of second generation smart meters to develop new services for residents
  • Investments designed to improve network resilience
  • Laying of optical fibres for our infrastructures
  • Advanced automation of the network
  • Strengthening of our green energy production to develop at least 150 MW of photovoltaic energy, by constructing new plants and purchasing from the secondary market

Our main businesses

  • Areti manages the electricity distribution services in the Municipalities of Rome and Formello and plans, designs  and carries out the upgrading and development of our electrical infrastructures.  In the Municipality of Rome, it manages and develops the systems for functional public lighting and artistic lighting of monuments, as well as lighting in the cemeteries
  • Acea Produzione generates heat and energy via 7 hydroelectric power plants and 2 thermoelectric power plants
  • Ecogena designs and constructs cogeneration and trigeneration facilities and provides energy efficiency  services, mantaining control of energy-saving technological innovation.

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Areti plans, designs and carries out electrical infrastructure renovation and development interventions and manages the relative distribution services in the Municipalities of Rome and Formello. In Rome it manages and develops the public, artistic and cemetery lighting systems.

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