The way we work

Agility and innovation

In May 2023 we signed the People and Participation Charter, a protocol developed together with the trade unions to valorise the company’s professionalism, further enhance individual and collective wellbeing and encourage the full integration of people in the work environment, by investing in personal skills and competencies to facilitate new solid and quality working methods. There are many initiatives scheduled: from the insourcing of contracted works to the development of co-planned training courses, from interventions for the upgrading of workspaces to the introduction of measures to improve training and parenting, up to the development of solutions aimed at optimising working hours.

We transformed smart working into an agile and flexible way of working, confirming an experimental project from 2018 designed to enhance work-life balance, alongside other Initiatives.

Smart working in fact allows the possibility to consolidate the digitalisation of business processes, the utilisation of virtual workspaces and the innovation of all channels. For this reason, during 2023 we reached an agreement that ensures access to smart working on a voluntary basis up to a maximum 40% of monthly working days, continuing to make available to staff working methods and tools adapted to their specific working and living conditions with the objective of preserving people’s involvement in the Group’s identity, the development of skills and organisational wellbeing.

Valorisation is development

The year 2021 saw the launch of the Development Centre programme, which in 2023 defined 218 individual development paths (consisting of training, team coaching, individual coaching and mentoring) with the aim of enhancing professionalism and increasing skills, because the development and success of individuals imply the growth and wellbeing of the entire organisation.

Acting sustainably to make a difference

In line with market best practices, the Group invests in matters pertaining to Sustainability also by way of training tools, with a view to raising corporate population awareness about sustainability issues (e.g. 2030 Agenda) and creating specialist skills to effectively introduce a set of sustainable processes and practices within each Acea company.

During 2023, with the support of Intertek and the LUISS Business School, we delivered a course for Sustainability Professionals, which envisaged the obtainment of a certificate, subject to an examination, confirming the role of professional in the area of sustainability. The course was divided into three phases:

  • online training, performed by Intertek instructors, aimed at providing the technical knowledge required to become a Sustainability Manager, Sustainability Practitioner and SDG Action Manager;
  • in-person training on the part of LUISS Business School teachers, focused on acquisition of the soft skills required to consolidate the role, reinforce leadership skills and promote sustainability in the business model;
  • experiential training, at the Community of Sant’Egidio, to act out the human element of sustainability via high social impact initiatives.


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