The way we work

Smart Working at Acea: connected, close, active

We have adopted smart working – along with other initiatives - as an agile and flexible way of working since 2018 to promote work-life balance. Thanks to this choice, we have been able to reorganise working methods since the beginning of the pandemic emergency, placing most of our staff in smart working.

What started out as an experimental project, called smart people has become a way of working through which we are able to promote the values of our Leadership Model, encouraging focus on the objective, teamwork - even remotely - and resourcefulness in adopting new ways of working.

Smart working was the prevalent way of working also in 2021, mainly for the administration staff, as well as a way to consolidate the digitalisation of corporate processes, the use of a digital workspace and the innovation of all digital channels.

Meanwhile, Acea has always provided its staff members with modalities and working tools adapted to their particular working conditions and lifestyle, in order to preserve - through targeted initiatives - the employees’ involvement in the Group’s identity, skill development and organisational wellbeing.

The I Care project

During 2021 we continued the I Care programme for individual and professional wellbeing, involving 48 women and 52 men. For the final phase of the project, all the participants have been included in the We-Care uomini e donne Acea programme to work together on the recognition of stress signals and on the metaphor of emergency, focusing mainly on the pandemic one. The sharing spirit showed at the end of the project confirmed how communication management not only improves the working environment but is an indispensable tool to target behaviour positively.

Innovation starts from within

We chose to take an active part in designing the Innovation Model for the Acea Group, by involving our staff with methods to facilitate team collaboration and to generate creative thinking. More specifically, we used the LEGO® Serious Play® method, based on the use of the tiny LEGO® bricks, to facilitate and accelerate rational, decisional and communicative processes and problem-solving techniques within the organisation and work groups.

By taking part in internal contests, anyone in the company can put forward innovative ideas for our businesses or visualise new, future challenges. Thanks to the internal entrepreneurship programme Innovation Garage, projects were launched that focused on the improvement of customer experience and valorisation of water resources. One of these is the Waidy project, an app that enables the geolocation of public water distribution points, access to historical information concerning the fountains and drinking-water fountains (nasoni) and the reporting of potential issues.


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