The way we work

Smart Working at Acea

After successfully completing in 2017 the E.L.E.N.A. experimental project, promoted by the Equal Opportunities Department of the Prime Minister’s Office and with the scientific collaboration of Bocconi University in Milan, in 2018 we implemented smart working in Acea in a structural manner, starting from its formal introduction among the work-life conciliation initiatives within the Framework Agreement signed with the trade union parties

The SMART PEOPLE project provided for the possibility of using smart working one day a week, and was monitored through qualitative and quantitative indicators and specific surveys for smart workers and managers. The analyses conducted have confirmed the positive impact of this work-life balance measure, not only because it can increase employee productivity, but also because through it we are able to promote Leadership Model values, focusing on goals, teamwork (also remotely) and initiative in discovering new ways of working.

Diagram of the Smart Working model of Acea Spa

The Execution Model in the Acea Group

Acea's work environment is stimulating and in continual evolution: we value people and their ideas.
Behind the way we work lies the concept of "Execution", focused on the sense of team and the active participation of each member to develop the Group. At Acea, you can make a personal contribution to improving the company, by taking part in transversal teams (Action Teams) working on strategically important initiatives (Improvement actions) with the aim of generating value for themselves, our customers and the company.

Value Human Capital (FREELY)

Everyone at Acea can propose an idea for improvement.

Create value for our customers, for Acea and for our Staff (RESPONSIBLY)

Work with a shared method to optimise costs and increase the benefits via specific training to achieve our objectives.

Encourage cross-fertilisation (PROFESSIONALLY)

Identify the necessary skills for action, via a synergy between Company/Departments/Sectors.

Achieve measurable objectives (CONCRETELY)

Implement actions of improvement and reward the results.

Innovation starts from within

We chose to take an active part in designing the Innovation Model for the Acea Group, by involving our staff with methods to facilitate team collaboration and to generate creative thinking. More specifically, we used the LEGO® Serious Play® method, based on the use of the tiny LEGO® bricks, to facilitate and accelerate rational, decisional and communicative processes and problem-solving techniques within the organisation and work groups.

By taking part in internal contests, anyone in the company can put forward innovative ideas for our businesses or visualise new, future challenges. To this end, in 2019 we confirmed the "Innovators of Sustainability, the challenge" project (launched for the first time in 2018), a collection of new and sustainable ideas proposed by employees with regard to the company’s businesses, integrated into the internal entrepreneurship programme under the name of ‘Innovation Garage’. This is a company contest designed to gather innovative solutions for products, processes or services that can generate tangible benefits as regards economic, social and/or environmental sustainability.