Management of water services

We are the leading Italian operator in the sector of integrated water services, for the number of residents served, and operate in five regions - Lazio, Tuscany, Umbria, Molise and Campania - through subsidiary and investee companies. We are also present in Latin America under partnership agreements.

Integrated and sustainable water management 

The integrated management of water resources begins with a careful analysis of springs and groundwater. We check and ensure the quality of the water throughout its journey: from catchment to distribution. Similar attention is given to the wastewater collection and treatment phases.
We are committed to sustainable management of the resource, we return the purified water to the environment to continue its natural cycle. All this is possible thanks to an efficient management of infrastructures, process digitalisation and the competence of our operators.

Integrated water service management is our most important business: the new 2024-2028 Business Plan provides for investments totalling €4.7 billion for the development of high quality and reliable infrastructure, enabling the further enhancement of operational efficiency in management of the resource.

mln m3
drinking water distributed
analyses of drinking water
of drinking water supply network
of investments in 2023

Consolidated data as at 31 december 2022

Our objectives to develop our water business

We are the leading water sector operator in Italy and the second largest in Europe, with innovative expertise and presence throughout the entire supply chain. We intend to consolidate and reinforce our leadership position in a segment that is fundamental to the country’s industrial development, with the opportunity to implement major strategic works at national level, such as the doubling of the Peschiera Aqueduct, aimed at securing Rome's water supply.
Our strategy envisages a consolidation of the water business in the served territories, enhancing the level of service offered, by:

  • increasing the resilience of the water systems;
  • optimising and innovating network management;
  • developing collection and treatment processes;
  • streamlining the corporate structure in the water business to support greater operating efficiency (through a new sub holding).

We plan to grow in Italy, particularly via tenders, and to selectively evaluate expansion opportunities overseas.

Our main businesses


Lazio - Campania area - Molise 

In Lazio Acea Ato 2 manages the integrated water supply in the town and the province of Rome and the operator Acea Ato 5 serves Frosinone and the province. 

In Campania we operate in the area of the Sorrento Peninsula and the Island of Capri, in the area of Vesuvius, in the area of the Lattari Mountains and in the River Sarno water catchment area via the company GORI and in 22 municipalities in Benevento and the province via Gesesa and in all the municipalities managed by the Provinces of Chieti, Campobasso and Salerno with Adistribuzionegas.

In the municipality of Termoli (Molise) we operate via Acea Molise (previously Crea Gestioni)

Tuscany - Umbria- Abruzzo area

In Tuscany we operate in the province of Pisa via the company Acque, in the province of Florence via the company Publiacqua, in the provinces of Siena and Grosseto via the company Acquedotto del Fiora, in the province of Arezzo via the company Nuove Acque and in the province of Lucca via the company GEAL.

In Umbria we operate in the province of Perugia via the company Umbra Acque and in the province of Terni via the company Servizo Idrico Integrato, Umbriadue and and in the province of L'Aquila and in the municipality of Pescara with Adistribuzionegas.


Through the company Acea International SA we also manage water businesses in some countries in Latin America (Honduras, Dominican Republic and Peru), serving approximately 10 million people. We operate under partnership agreements with local and international businesses, thanks to which we can transfer our know-how to the local entrepreneurs. 

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