A safe territory means protecting the living things that inhabit it. We manage basic personal services (water, electricity and energy) and for this reason we see safety as one of the most important founding values and a transversal element of our corporate and sustainability strategies. In pursuing this objective, we work hand-in-hand with institutions, authorities and academic organizations: indeed it is based on a joint effort that the best results are achieved in every phase of the offering of services, from investments to technological innovations and the management of emergency situations.

Protection of drinkable water sources

As top water operator in terms of the number of customers served in Italy, we have a huge responsibility to ensure the protection of our drinkable water sources and, at the same time, the safety of our users, and we do this in close collaboration with the local authorities.

Acea Ato 2 has created a multi-disciplinary working group, composed of Acea staff and representatives of local and national Organizations and Authorities. The job of this task force is to implement Water Safety Plans that prevent and mitigate the hydrological risk by assessing the hazardous events throughout the water supply chain. In this context, in 2018 the working group published the results of an accurate risk assessment regarding the main nodes and pipelines of the water system in the area in which our company operates.

During the year, Acea Ato 2, again in tandem with the authorities, also staged various projects of public utility, including: 

  • creating prototypes and technologies capable of guaranteeing water resources for urban or rural uses in case of “water crisis” by reusing poor quality water (circular economy)
  • rendering efficient and actively controlling the water systems from a smart grid perspective
  • boosting the resilience of and protecting the water infrastructures in case of climate changes

An important project currently taking shape is the one designed to realize the new top section of the Peschiera Aqueduct, an essential infrastructure for securing the water supply to Rome and the surrounding province.

Water quality

We pay the closest attention to the analytical checks performed on the quality of the drinkable water supplied, which play a fundamental role in determining the consequences of drinking such water on people’s health. In the Lazio area alone, in 2018 we performed approximately 480,000 analytical tests on the drinkable water distributed and a total of over 1,320,000 in all the areas served by the Group. The main results for the quality of the water of Acea Ato 2, Acea Ato 5, Gesesa are available online in the dedicated sections.

Safety, prevention, and the management of emergencies and critical situations

We put our resources at the service of the territory, both by sharing the specialist and technical skills of our people with the local organizations and authorities and by guaranteeing our full support to the competent public health, civil protection and public safety authorities.

We have equipped ourselves with operational procedures and tools for guaranteeing the maximum level of safety and the continuity of the services we manage in case of critical events (e.g. unavailability of the central systems, breakdowns, adverse weather conditions, peaks in demand and network overloads etc.). Every operational company in the Group has implemented Plans for managing emergencies and intervention procedures and, through its control centers, constantly monitors the status of networks and services - water and sewer systems, electrical and public lighting systems - in collaboration with the local authorities.

Every time an event compromises the managed services (damages to the systems and/or networks, water/energy crisis etc.), the companies of the Group notify the competent authorities to facilitate the coordination of the interventions.

The problem of cyber threats to the IT networks is also a key issue, as it could potentially cause our systems to malfunction or shut down. We are therefore a stable member of the Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT), coordinated nationally by the Ministry for Economic Development, and in 2018 we joined the ECHO project (European network of Cybersecurity centres and competence Hub for innovation and Operations) as part of the European program Horizon 2020.