For the local communities

Territorial safety means protecting life. We manage essential personal services (water, light and power) and for this reason we see safety as one of the most important pillars, as well as a transversal element, of our corporate and sustainability strategies. In pursuing this objective, we work hand-in-hand with institutions, authorities and academic organisations: indeed, it is based on a shared effort that the best results are achieved during every phase of the offering of services, from investments to technological innovations and the management of emergency situations.

Protection of drinking water sources

As the foremost water services operator in terms of the number of customers served in Italy, we are fully committed to ensuring the protection of our drinking water sources  and, at the same time, the safety of our users; we do this in close collaboration with the local authorities.

The Water Safety Plans (WSP) were set up with a view to preventing and alleviating water risks via an assessment of hazardous events throughout the supply chain. They envisage: risk mitigation, monitoring systems, operating procedures under normal and emergency conditions, water quality control planning, methods for informing the public and the competent authorities .
For Acea Ato 2, the Water Safety Plans concern 100% of residents served by the aqueduct systems managed and the other Group companies are also moving in the same direction.

During the year, in collaboration with institutional bodies, we also implemented various projects of public utility, including:

  • the creation of prototypes and technologies capable of guaranteeing water resources for urban or rural use in case of a water crisis by reutilising poor quality water (circular economy);
  • the efficiency enhancement and active control of the water systems from a smart grid perspective;
  • the improved resilience and protection of the water infrastructures in case of climate changes;the improved resilience and protection of the water infrastructures in case of climate changes;
  • the implementation of new purification systems (Benevento);
  • the requalification of areas of environmental interest.

Two major projects currently taking shape concern the construction of the new upper section of the Peschiera Aqueduct, regarding which the definitive project has been finalised and the authorisation procedure preparatory to tender operations has commenced, and the new Marcio Aqueduct, essential structures for securing the water supply to Rome and the surrounding province.


Water quality

We pay close attention to the analytical checks performed on the quality of the drinking water supplied, which play a fundamental role in determining the effects deriving therefrom on people’s health. In 2020 we performed over 1,523,028 analytical tests on the drinking water distributed as regards all the areas served by the Group. The main results concerning the quality of the water managed by Acea Ato 2Acea Ato 5Gesesa, Gori, AdF, Acque, Publiaqua and Umbra Acque are available online in the dedicated sections.

Safety, and prevention, and the management of emergencies and complex situations

We place our resources at the service of the territory, both by sharing the specialist and technical skills of our people with the local organisations and institutions and by guaranteeing our full support to the competent public health, civil protection and public safety Authorities.

We have set up operational procedures and tools for ensuring the maximum level of safety and continuity of the services managed in case of critical events (for example, unavailability of the central systems, breakdowns, adverse weather conditions, peaks in demand and network overloads etc.). Every operational company in the Group has adopted Plans for managing emergencies and intervention procedures and, through the control centres, constantly monitors the status of networks and systems - water and sewer electricity and public lighting - in collaboration with the local authorities.

Each time an event compromises the managed services (damage to the systems and/or networks, water/energy crises etc.), the Group companies notify the competent authorities to facilitate the coordination of interventions.

The problem of cyber threats to the IT networks is also a key issue, as it could potentially cause our systems to malfunction or shut down. More specifically, in 2020, via our Cyber Security Unit, we adopted a model in line with the request made by the public institutions: an operational structure of the Computer Security Incident Response Team (CSIRT) has been activated and the NIS (Network Information Security) Authority has been put into operation. Lastly, we continue our commitment to the ECHO project (European network of Cybersecurity centres and competence Hub for innovation and Operations) programme for the establishment of a European network of Cybersecurity competence centres and to the H2020 ATENA project concerned with the security and resilience of digital infrastructures.