Board of Statutory Auditors

The Board comprises three standing auditors and two alternate auditors, who are appointed by the Ordinary Annual General Meeting for a period of three years, using the vote by slate system, and can be re-elected. The current Board of Statutory Auditors was appointed by the Annual General Meeting on 17 April 2019 and will remain in office until the meeting to approve the 2021 Financial Statements. The composition of the Board of Statutory Auditors takes due account of the gender balance criterion. 

The Board of Statutory Auditors supervises the effectiveness of our internal control and risk management system. As part of its activities, the Board coordinates with the Internal Audit Department and with the Control and Risks Committee, with the participation at meetings of the Chairman and/or statutory auditors.

In 2018, the Boarrd of Statutory Auditors held 23 meetings.

Maurizio Lauri
Pina Murè
Standing auditor
Maria Francesca Talamonti
Standing auditor
Maria Federica Izzo
Alternate auditor
Mario Venezia
Alternate auditor