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Market leaders in the multi-utility industry. We are the foremost operator in the Italian water services sector and one of the main national operators in Waste Management and in the distribution and sale of electricity. We are also present in the electricity generation and gas distribution sector. We are working to improve residents' lives by offering quality everyday essential services, in line with our Group mission.

Acea group today

predominantly regulated business. We are the Italian multi-utility with the highest percentage of regulated business: approximately 82% of our 2021 EBITDA came from the regulated sector. By 2024, we aim to achieve an over 38% growth in EBITDA compared to 2019.

Ample growth prospects. We are the only benchmark multi-utility operator in the centre-south of Italy. Our territorial location allows us to rely on a unique pool of growth opportunities, in terms of both number of residents and local development needs.

An industrial Group that focuses on infrastructural investments. The 2020-2024 plan places a firm emphasis on our industrial and sustainable core, paying close attention to infrastructures, technological innovation and responsible development, also with a view to enhancing the growth of the territories where we operate. We expect to invest 4.7 billion Euro during the plan time frame, of which 4.3 billion Euro industry-related capex, including more than 80% in regulated businesses. A major drive is derived from innovation, where investments totalling 615 million Euro are anticipated during the plan period in digitalisation projects and the creation of systems for the intelligent management of networks and services.

Diagram of the investments of the Acea Group 2018-2022

Constant focus on sustainability. In the horizon 2024 business plan, sustainability has come to represent a structural element that guides the Group’s business decisions and operations management. In the plan, investments totalling 2.1 billion Euro are associated with specific sustainability targets, including the protection and management of water resources and the reduction of leaks, the development of electric mobility, the circular economy and the fight against climate change. We estimate that these investments will have a positive impact on Italian GDP for approximately 6 billion Euro, directly or indirectly generating employment for over 21 thousand people.

Growth in dividends. Our 2020-2024 business plan envisages the distribution of dividends totalling 860 million Euro over the plan period.  The dividend proposed for 2022, in reference to FY2021, amounts to 0.85 Euro per share.

Cost-of-debt reduction policy. As at 31 December 2021, 86% of all debt carries a fixed rate. The average duration of medium/long-term debt as at 31 December 2021 is 5 years. The average cost of debt went from 1.74% at 31 December 2020 to 1.42% at 31 December 2021.

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Data as at 31 December 2021


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