An innovative academy prepares the managers of the future

E-learning, classroom sessions, follow-ups and peer-coaching. Managerial Academy is the training center of excellence for the leaders who will drive Italy’s multi-utility evolution.

We want to be able to make a difference to people’s quality of life, preserving and bringing value to the communities in which we operate. To achieve this, we have started a training program designed for managers of today and tomorrow’s multi-utility companies, to help them become responsible and involved in the ethical and sustainable development of their cities and the wellbeing of their citizens.

Pierluigi Palmigiani, Corporate Academy and Diversity Manager Acea Group

“In today’s fast-changing society, our challenge is to keep the standards of our services high, in order to keep meeting our citizens’ requirements. We feel the responsibility to support our leaders in becoming more aware of their role." says Chiara del Vecchio, Head of Training, development and internal communication of Acea Ato 2.  Hence the need to valorize the human capital within the company and invest in training, at every level, using innovative teaching methods to transmit an identity rich in well-defined and recognizable values to every person inside and outside the Acea Group.

This is how the Acea Manaterial Academy was born: a training program implemented with the scientific support of the LUISS Business School, in collaboration with Ama and Atac Roma.


Two editions 2018-2019

taking part in the Elios program
taking part in the Aurora program

On the e-learning platform, thanks to videos and digital materials, participants learn remotely and prepare for classroom experimentation:

business games to test entrepreneurial skills, develop innovative and creative problem-solving capabilities, plane landing simulations to test abilities.

It’s not a children’s aircraft pilot game, it’s an opportunity to learn, an experience that encourages to reflect on past professional experiences to explore specific skills in view of future experiences”, explained Andrea Montefusco, Professor of Practice at the LUISS Business School. “The scenarios recreated in the simulations allow to make analogies with work experiences that we could, should or would like to build in the future.”

The Managerial Academy represents an innovative approach to integrated training, using a combination of channels, each with a specific function: an e-learning platform, classroom sessions, a mobile app

In addition to online sessions and classroom experiences, “students” can continue to practice and learn more about the topics they studied through the Managerial Academy app. Articles curated by the LUISS Business School are publishes on the app every day, for the duration of the course, and cover two topics: Innovation and Digital Transformation, Leadership and People Management.

Elios Program

One of the characteristics of the Elios Program is exchange and communication between colleagues. For example, peer-coaching takes place for the entire duration of the course: colleagues organized in groups of two autonomously plan a number of meetings to examine together how they are applying to their work what they have learned from the program. During the meetings, colleagues take turns in assuming the role of coach and helping their partner along the development process of their professional skills.

Aurora Program

In addition to the Elios program designed for managers, there are also training sessions for resources included in professional development programs. The Aurora program, as it’s called, is designed to instill culture, skills and provide the tools necessary to answer the needs of an increasingly more modern service company.

With the Managerial Academy, Acea works to anticipate the future, training leaders who tomorrow will drive Italy’s multi-media market.