Photovoltaic plants

Photovoltaic systems play an increasingly relevant role in our Group’s strategies for sustainable development. As a matter of fact, by designing new systems, Acea has embarked on a development path to produce energy from photovoltaics. Acea operates in the photovoltaic energy sector with a total installed capacity of approximately 101 MW (data as at 2023).

By the end of 2028, we plan to expand our portfolio with around 870 MW (of which 210 already authorized) of installed photovoltaic plant capacity.

Acea, gli photovoltaic plants

Photovoltaic plants characteristics and technologies

Our photovoltaic plants are normally built on the ground and the energy they produce is fed into the grid. To date the facilities have reached a total capacity of 101 MW. 

Acea photovoltaic plants in numbers

of capacity installed
of energy produced

Data as at 31 Dicember 2023

The Basilicata’s largest photovoltaic plant

In June 2022 we inaugurated in the Municipality of Ferrandina, province of Matera, a photovoltaic plant.

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Tracker for photovoltaic plants

Tracking devices allow solar panels to move during the day and follow the movement of the sun. Trackers installed on the plants can be of two different types: single axis trackers, that allow panels to move along the axis, or dual axis trackers, that provide total freedom of movement.


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