Waste valorisation

We have been operating in the Waste Management sector for over 10 years and, more specifically, in the disposal and waste-to-energy sector, in line with the European trend for circular economy policies.

We are one of the leading Italian players with over 1.2 million tons of waste treated each year, and we are the benchmark operator for Central Italy, managing the main waste-to-energy facility and the largest composting plants in the regions of Lazio and Tuscany. We operate in the plastics recycling sector with the first plant for sorting and recycling plastic packaging from separated household waste, in particular from the Piedmont and Valle d’Aosta regions.

of biogas produced, generating 20 GWh of energy
tons of waste treated
tons of high quality compost produced

Data as at 31 December 2019


Our objectives for development

  • To enhance the waste treatment cycle in keeping with our objectives to develop a circular economy
  • Playing an increasingly important role in the processing and recycling of paper and plastic waste.

Our main businesses

  • Acea Ambiente, with plants in Lazio, Tuscany and Umbria, operates in the environmental management sector (treatment and disposal), waste-to-energy production and composting
  • AQUASER operates in the phases of recovery, processing and disposal of sludge deriving from the integrated water service treatment cycle

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