For our people

Most of the Group companies have implemented certified health and safety management systems. Moreover, with a view to constantly enhancing the operational management of occupational safety, we have put in place additional tools, including the Group Guidelines on Safety and the HSE (Heath, Safety, Environmental) dashboard to measure and monitor the performance data on which improvement interventions are based.

Initiatives in Group companies

Our companies have undertaken a number of training activities with regard to health and safety:

  • Acea organised an Emergency management – Knowledge and awareness – course which, in addition to fire and earthquakes, also dealt with biological and environmental emergencies and terrorist attacks. The process, which saw the participation of 1,406 employees and provided a total 11,248 hours of training, also addressed the issue of emergency and disability;
  • Acea Elabori organised refresher courses on specific risks (chemical risk, biological risk, radioprotection, etc.), emergencies (ASA), first aid (APS) and Responsible Person (Preposto) training courses;
  • Acea Ato 2 continued the Camper della Sicurezza project, which enabled a widespread promotion of the occupational safety culture, via travelling initiatives at workplaces and sites; the company also arranged training courses on the use of defibrillators and completed two training courses on Accidents and Near Misses and Management of emergencies;
  • Acea Ato 5 completed the Reset 2.0 project, with meetings addressed to all operational personnel, aimed at ascertaining the competences acquired and sharing issues pertaining to occupational health and safety. The company also launched the Near Miss project, in collaboration with the Worker Representative for Safety (RLS), to enhance staff awareness with regard to the importance of recognising and reporting “near misses” and an awareness campaign on the use of semiautomatic defibrillators (AEDs);
  • AdF provided safety training and education, particularly for operational staff trained in the use of new recovery devices for interventions in confined spaces. Moreover, during the year the Zero Accident Project (ZAP) was launched, aimed at sensitising all staff to an adequate perception of risk and the appropriateness of reporting “near misses”;
  • Gesesa, carried out 15 occupational safety training courses and provided a total 1,240 hours of training with the participation of 165 employees. As part of the World Day for Health and Safety at Work, it also organised the  Star bene lavorando (Wellbeing at Work) training programme.
  • Acea Ambiente held training courses in first aid, defibrillators, fire safety, confined spaces, heavy machinery, physical risks and training for executives and responsible persons;
  • Areti continued training staff at the Training Camp;
  • Acea Energia held a training session dedicated to the role of Preposto (person responsible) in view of the regulatory updates that have taken place.


The Areti Training Camp

Also in 2021, subject to reorganisation based on the new rules imposed by the Covid-19 health emergency, Areti continued staff training at the Training Camp, a dedicated structure for occupational health and safety education (ascending/descending in safety the medium and low voltage power line poles; safe access to confined underground spaces; practice in using work/safety instruments, training for emergencies in a hazardous environment, etc.). In 2022 over 3,776 hours of training and education were provided in the area of occupational safety, with the participation of more than 279 people.


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