The Acea business model

Sustainability, efficiency and innovation

The natural environment, the local communities and the wider scenario of our stakeholders is the reference framework and scope of the business activities performed by Acea, which are based on a sound governance structure, a precise definition of strategic and operational objectives and an integrated assessment of risks.
Thanks to the efficient management of all these factors, we are able to create shared value in each of our business value chains, by working with respect for the environment, investing in innovation and efficiently managing our infrastructures.

Infographic about the business model of Acea Group

Water supply chain: integrated water service

We manage the integrated water services, among the most essential for the life of citizens, in a transparent and efficient manner, preserving the natural resources and the territory during the entire water cycle. As the leading water services operator in Italy, we protect the water sources, verifying and ensuring that the water resource quality observes the regulatory standards throughout all phases of the water cycle, up to collection and treatment of the wastewater, to reclaim and return the resource to the environment in the same conditions in which it was withdrawn, in order for its natural cycle to resume.

Environment supply chain: circular economy

We firmly believe that the circular economy is a means of creating value and one of the most effective levers for the future of the waste treatment business. This is why, within the environment business system, we are committed to waste valorisation via the reduction of volumes and related treatment, the conversion into biogas and transformation into compost for agriculture and floriculture, the recycling into materials that can be reutilised in production processes. In particular, we use integration as part of water activities to recover sewage sludge and send it to be treated for composting purposes.

Energy supply chain: sales

The purchase of commodities (energy and gas) takes place through trading on market platforms (power exchange), where resellers such as Acea Energia procure energy in order to supply customers according to their respective commercial policies. At Acea, we have built our relationships with customers by both improving the traditional means available – such as telephone communication and counter facilities – and developing contact channels that are increasingly innovative and digital.

Energy supply chain: generation and networks

Acea produces energy at hydroelectric power plants, thermoelectric power (high performance cogeneration) facilities, waste-to-energy plants, anaerobic digestion (biogas) and photovoltaic plants, for a total generation from renewable sources of about 68%. We are also constantly committed to a resilient management of the electricity distribution network and the digital and innovative development of services, in order to cater for an increasingly advanced market that requires us to focus on smart city solutions.