Protecting the future

Once again, this year Acea Ato 2 launches a campaign to sensitize the community to a responsible use of water.

What does Acea do to save water?

Climate change is having an impact on the amount of water available on the planet and Acea is committed do its part to save water by modernizing and making its aqueduct systems more resilient, reducing water leaks and contributing to sustainable development.
We are working on different projects, including identification of leaks and districtualization of the water distribution system, diversification of sources and re-use of treated water for agricultural purposes, applying circular economy principals to the water system. To continue to provide the best water service to the city of Rome, we are building the second pipeline of the Peschiera-Capore aqueduct.

Tips on how to save water

Some of the little things we do every day can help reduce water waste considerably.

  • Make sure you use drinking water responsibly
  • Turn off the tap while you brush your teeth, shave, or lather
  • Shower rather than bath. You can save up to 75%
  • Install tap aerators
  • Install dual-flush WC cisterns
  • Make sure taps are closed properly and don’t drip
  • Start the dishwasher and washing machine when fully loaded
  • Use a bowl to wash vegetables and dishes
  • Avoid watering house plants with drinking water

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