Ottavia-Trionfale adductor

ottavia-trionfale adductor ottavia-trionfale adductor ottavia-trionfale adductor

Description and Goals

The Ottavia Water Centre represents one of the main nodes of the capital's distribution system as the lower stretch of the Right Peschiera, the Monte Carnale Ottavia adductor - which can transfer water from the Left Peschiera to the Right Peschiera - and the New Aqueduct from Lake Bracciano converge here. The pipes that allow the transfer of water towards the Trionfale node and the Monte Mario reservoir, the main compensation for the central areas of the city, depart from the Ottavia water centre, and then continue towards the Aurelio node to supply the western quadrants.

The intervention involves the construction of a new connection line from the Ottavia Water Centre to a new Water Centre called Pineta Sacchetti for a total length of approximately 5,200 metres to improve the reliability of the existing strategic plants and guarantee management alternatives for the city's water supply.

The Project will allow the transport of water from the main aqueducts to the network pipelines for the city centre and all the neighbourhoods west of Rome to the coast to be strengthened and secured in consideration of future water needs.

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