Acea operates a reporting system, for use by employees and external parties, in connection with possible breaches of law, internal rules and the Code of Ethics, as well as any matters ascribable to the Internal Control System, corporate disclosure practices, the company’s administrative responsibility (Legislative Decree no. 231/01), fraud and conflicts of interest. This “Whistleblowing” procedure, renewed in January 2020, ensures the highest level of privacy and confidentiality in the processing of communications received, protecting both the reporting and the reported party.

The Code addressees are required to report any potential violations or non-compliance with the law, internal regulations and the Code of Ethics of which they become aware, using one of the following channels:

  • the IT platform Comunica Whistleblowing guarantees security and protection of data and confidentiality of information, via a sophisticated system for encryption of the communications and the database, in line with the provisions set forth in reference legislation. This channel is therefore deemed preferential with respect to the others;
  • electronic mail, to the following address:
  • regular mail marked “Confidential”, to the following address: Acea SpA, Ethic Officer, Piazzale Ostiense, 2 - 00154 Rome.

No consideration will be given to reports not concerning potential failures to comply with the laws, internal regulations and the Code of Ethics.

The reports concerning alleged violations of the Code Of Ethics and the Group Companies’ Internal Control And Risk Management System (ICRMS) are transmitted to the Ethics Officer, a collective body set up in 2020 for this very purpose. The Ethics Officer also prepares periodic reports to the company’s Senior Management and the Control Bodies with regard to the main factors that have emerged.

Find out more about the other responsibilities of the Ethics Officer.

The Ethic Officers currently comprise:

  • Antonio Sanna, Head of Acea SpA Legal and Corporate Affairs and Corporate Services Management; 
  • Achille Fiore, Head of Acea SpA Risk & Compliance;
  • Claudio Mancini, Head of Acea SpA Human Resources;
  • Simone Bontempo, Head of Acea SpA Internal Audit Function.

Notice for Acea Group customers

Any reports referring to cases of a technical/commercial nature (for example, commercial services, contract management, claims. invoicing, meter readings, transfers, lack of water or power, breakdown reports, etc.) must be sent to the competent structures of the various Group Companies through MyAcea, the reserved area dedicated to Acea Group customers, and/or via the contacts listed in the section Contacts and Assistance.