Digital training

To be truly digital, it is fundamental to promote a widespread culture within our organization, a new mindset and new skills, which allow us to recognize the potential that these tools offer and then concretely apply them to our daily working life.

This includes the work started in the field of Digital Training in 2019, with the creation of training courses to increase the digital competences and skills strategic for the Group, in support of the process of evolution and innovation of industrial processes.

These skills are defined within Acea's "Digital DNA", a mapping model of digital skills seen as the ability to use knowledge, personal, social and/or methodological skills, applied in work situations and in professional and personal development.

Thanks to a structured survey, the level of coverage of each of the digital skills that make up the Digital DNA is periodically detected. Based on the results, the training courses are organized, aimed at bridging the gap detected, and related to the following thematic areas:

  • Analytics: The effective management of "data" is a relevant issue for every Company, and also for Acea, which wants to consolidate its role as a Data Driven company. To achieve this goal, there are three paths: Data Analytics, Data Driven, Data Lake
  • Customer: Digital innovation quickly transforms customer habits and behaviours. Knowing how to recognize the new "needs" and find suitable solutions is essential to provide services that meet new demands. These are the paths for this thematic area: New Clients, Service Design and Customer Journey
  • Industry 4.0.: To apply the new technologies in a coherent and effective way, it is necessary to build new skills and knowledge, enabling their adoption and concrete application to Acea's businesses. These are the paths for this thematic area: Industry 4.0, IoT Solution and IoT Lab, Blockchain, Augmented reality and Cloud systems
  • Digital Mindset: Technology and digital are the factors that more than anything else have differentiated the pandemic from other related crises in recent years and centuries. Being digital today is a priority, so it is essential to promote a new digital mindset that allows you to fully understand the current scenario. These are the paths for this thematic area: Collaboration in the digital age, Agile Mindset, Digital Leadership, Digital Self-Empowerment.

Digital training is designed to all Acea People. There are "Vocational" courses open freely to any interested person, with a view to open learning and personal self-development.