Water is your treasure. Don't throw it away

Consistent with its environmental vocation to take action and encourage energy saving and efficiency, Acea has promoted a two-step communication initiative to ask us all not to waste the treasure nature gives us and which Ato2 structures bring to our homes. The "Save water" campaign, designed and implemented by Agenzia J.W.T. in Rome, was awarded the Press & Outdoor Key Award 2006 for its original video and effective message. The first step circulated images showing sinks being unblocked "by the guilty party" as they are about to swallow up precious jewels. The second phase of the campaign began on 14 June. This time, the water is also shown as precious jewels and we are attracted by the different ways this priceless treasure is used in pictures of the jewels flowing out of a pipe and a shower. The message is clear. Water can serve many purposes, which are part of its treasure. However, it has to be used rationally without degenerating into abuse. Water is a resource which we tend not to see, because it is always available. It is, however, a precious asset which should be protected, so that those who follow in our footsteps will also be able to enjoy it. 

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