Mediation at Acea

Acea and Joint Mediation

If any problems regarding your electricity, gas and water supply and distribution have not been resolved when you made your complaint, you can start the Joint Mediation procedure.

Joint Mediation, also known as the ADR procedure, is a tool to resolve out of court any disputes between consumers and Companies in the Acea Group, which uses a system of rules shared between member Companies and Consumer Associations of the ADR Protocol  (Alternative Dispute Resolution) according to the Consumer Code (Art. 141-decies, Legislative Decree 130/15).

The procedure is managed by the Body ADR Acea - Consumer Associations, registered in the special list of ARERA (Energy Networks and Environmental Regulation Authority), under the Decision 620/15, and consists of a Joint Guarantee Body, a Mediation secretariat and a Mediation Commission.

You can access Joint Mediation easily and free of charge.  For further details, please visit our dedicated website, read the attached documents and consult the most frequently asked questions.


How can I file a Mediation request?

To start the procedure, go to the website, complete the online form and name the Consumer Association you prefer. Alternatively, you can contact one of the member associations of the Mediation Protocol (only italian version) directly.


For further information on the Joint Mediation procedure of the Acea group companies, please refer to their related pages: Publiacqua, Gori, Acque, Acquedotto del Fiora, Umbra Acque.

The ARERA Mediation Service

The Mediation Service established by the Energy Networks and Environmental Regulation Authority provides electricity and gas end customers with a simple, rapid procedure to resolve any disputes with the operators. The Mediation Service is also available for Prosumers (electrical energy producers and consumers) for any disputes with the operators and the GSE.

From 1 July 2019, customers of the integrated water service can also use the Mediation Service to try and resolve any disputes with their operator.
For further information, go to the Authority's website


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