Since our employees are the  enabling lever for the achievement of corporate objectives we want to make sure that the people working for us are proud to be a part of our Group.

We know that a good people engagement strategy is based first and foremost on involvement and communication, and therefore undertake to:

  • diffuse awareness of the Group's principles and values and strategic objectives;
  • promote a sense of belonging and participation;
  • maintain a good atmosphere within the company, enhancing staff performance.

In 2018, our communication was concerned above all with dissemination of the pillars and strategic objectives set out in the Group Business Plan and related topics, such as sustainability, the community, innovation, safety, engagement, welfare and solidarity.

As regards sustainability, the main internal communication intiatives we implemented were:

  • the launch of a campaign to raise awareness entitled SOSteniamoci – Noi per la Sostenibilità to encourage a sustainability culture among our employees;
  • the organisation of an internal Conference on the subject of Sustainability and Energy Efficiency during the European event M’ILLUMINO DI MENO (I' ll light Up Less);
  • the installation for World Environment Day of a Water House and an Eco-Compactor at our head office with a view to reducing the consumption of single-use plastic. Subsequently, other Companies in the Group also installed Water Houses in their offices;
  • the organisation of an event LA SETTIMANA CHE FA LA DIFFERENZA (The week that makes a difference), designed to encourage proactive employee involvement in recycling and to nurture a new cultural approach which understands waste as a resource.

The most effective communication tools we use to involve all company employees are the intragroup Social Collaboration platform JAMP and our direct streaming connections, which allow the main corporate events to be followed, especially those dedicated to sharing our strategic objectives and presenting the results we have achieved and our future prospects.

Two new sections have been added to the intranet portal: Smart People, entirely dedicated to the management of smart working, and Sustainability, which describes the company’s commitment in this respect, focusing on the analysis of materiality and the objectives of the 2018-2022 Sustainability Plan.  

To increasingly involve our staff in company processes, we have created the Model of Execution, a people engagement tool aimed at developing strategically important initiatives which, via the setting up of transverse teams (Action Teams), encourages people  to enhance operational and management processes, and to value the numerous skills available in Acea. Since launching the model, we have implemented 5 help lines and collected over 130 ideas for improvement.