We stimulate brand awareness

We know that a good people engagement strategy is based first and foremost on involvement and communication, and therefore undertake to:

  • diffuse awareness of the Group's principles and values and strategic objectives;
  • promote a sense of belonging and participation;
  • maintain a good atmosphere within the company, enhancing staff performance.

During 2021 our communication was concerned above all with dissemination of the pillars and strategic objectives set out in the Group Business Plan and related topics, such as sustainability, welfare, safety, engagement, solidarity and innovation.

In the course of the year internal communication campaigns were launched to inform colleagues of the actions taken by company to deal with the Covid-19 health emergency.

We carried out numerous internal communication initiatives, including:

  • various company welfare projects, conceived to enhance the psycho-physical wellbeing of staff and their families, such as collective webinars and the psychotherapeutic support advisory service, the joint Acea Group and Gympass wellness programme and the Wellness Fridays;
  • the “Connected with Acea” project was aimed at keeping alive communications with all our staff during the period when people were working above all remotely, via two digital events in the course of which matters of current interest to the Group were discussed;
  • the project “Together for gender parity” and against violence on women, which continued in 2021 with the dissemination of video bites conceived to raise people’s awareness in this connection and make them conscious of how gender stereotypes and prejudices are ingrained in cultural models that affect daily lives: the “Prevent with Acea” campaign designed to raise people’s awareness to the importance of health, prevention and correct lifestyles;
  • the path dedicated to the topics of Diversity and Inclusion, aimed at promoting a cultural change oriented towards the valorisation of diversities at all levels of the organisation;
  • the “Protecting the company that protects me” campaign, implemented following input from the Ethics Officer, to promote our corporate values and enhance knowledge of the Code of Ethics and the new “Comunica Whistleblowing” platform.

Lastly, again with a view to strengthening the spirit of aggregation and sense of belonging but also to sharing sustainable growth principles, the Acea Green Cup 2021 initiative was conceived, launched in June with an intercompany contest on sustainability projects and concluded in September with a regatta reserved for staff.

The most effective communication tool utilised for the involvement of all company employees is the MyIntranet portal, which during the emergency situation in 2020 played a central role in the timely communication and sharing of internal information, also via e-mail. With a view to enhancing inclusiveness and efficiency, in 2021 certain functionalities were optimised, such as the release of a new more powerful search engine, the integration with external tools (Teams and Forms) and the activation of Single sign-on as regards all SAP platforms. In addition to the Intranet, employees were also able to use the Acea4You app, specifically created to plan attendance in the workplace, avoiding gatherings, book the anti Covid-19 vaccine or the serological test, order canteen meals or reserve places and collect Christmas parcels.

“Acea Ti Premia”:

Moreover, the year 2021 saw the activation of the Acea Ti Premia portal, the Group’s meeting space integrated with MyIntranet, which fosters engagement dynamics between employees. In fact, each member of staff can share company projects, events and gadgets. Via the portal, it is also possible to improve the procedures for assigning company benefits, making them more transparent and democratic.


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