For our suppliers

of suppliers qualified during the year completed the Quality, Environment, Safety, Energy and Sustainability self-assessment questionnaire
safety inspections at worksites (+3.6% compared to 2020) conducted by the Worksite Safety Unit

Data as at 31 December 2021

In order to establish a productive and long-lasting collaboration, all our suppliers are required to sign the 2018 revision of the Code of Ethics, which makes reference to the guiding principles behind the relationship between Acea and its suppliers.

Occupational safety is a key aspect of our relationship with suppliers and for this reason we adopt initiatives to ensure workers are protected throughout the supply chain, in keeping with the regulatory provisions of the Procurement Code, our Code of Ethics and the objectives set out in the Sustainability Plan.

In addition to contractor awareness initiatives with regard to safety and the monitoring of data, audits and inspections are performed regularly to ensure contractor compliance with safety standards. More specifically, the Acea Elabori Worksite Safety Unit conducted 15,444 safety inspections at worksites (+3.6% compared to 2020), following which a downward trend was noted in the non-compliance cases recorded. Apart from the audit of health and safety criteria, we make sure that our suppliers integrate key sustainability aspects into their business, paying attention to the environment, energy efficiency, utilisation of eco-sustainable materials and corruption.

Focus on ethics and sustainability in Acea’s value chain

We create value also thanks to the responsible management of relationships with our suppliers, fundamental players for the ethical and sustainable activities of the entire Group. Supplier relationships and procurement management take place in accordance with our Code of Ethics, which sets out the principles of sustainability, ethics and integrity underlying our business. Its key points are:

  • Observance of rules and procedures, including due diligence processes designed to evaluate potential risks of corruption;
  • Principles of transparency and protection of competition;
  • Principles of good faith, loyalty, professional correctness;
  • The valorisation of aspects pertaining to ethics and sustainability, such as observance of workers’ protection and safety conditions, the quality of goods, services and supplies, respect for the environment and the pursuit of energy savings.

Supplier selection and assessment

To ensure the quality of the work and promote sustainable worksite management, we only operate with qualified suppliers. In this connection, we have established qualification systems for the suppliers of work, goods and services, which can be accessed via our Vendor Management portal, already integrated with supplier details.

At the time of qualification, our suppliers are required to complete a self-assessment questionnaire - differentiated according to whether they provide goods and services or works - which focuses on Quality, Environment, Safety, Energy and other aspects of sustainability.

After qualifying, the supplier may be subjected to a second-party audit of the Quality, Environment, Safety, Energy and Social Responsibility (QASER) management systems, to verify their correct application, and the procedures for managing the areas of significance in terms of sustainability.

The Group Vendor Rating project, initiated in 2020, continued in 2021 and is currently at the fine-tuning stage. In particular, the assessment system will monitor several performance indicators, including a composite sustainability index, fine-tuned via involvement in the project of the company EcoVadis.


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