Acea undertakes to search for suppliers and external associates that have suitable professional expertise and are committed to sharing the principles and contents of the Code that defines the set of values on which both the contracting authority and all external businesses and associates must necessarily base their conduct, according to the principle of mutual advantage and cooperation underlying such relationships (…).

Acea undertakes to promote, as part of its procurement activities, observance of workers’ protection and safety conditions, attention to the quality of goods, services and supplies, respect for the environment and the pursuit of energy savings.

In supply contracts with countries at risk, defined as such by recognised organisations, contractual clauses have been introduced that provide for acceptance by the supplier of specific social obligations (for example, measures whereby employees are guaranteed respect for their fundamental rights, principles of equal treatment and non-discrimination, protection against child labour) and the possibility of carrying out monitoring activities at production units or operating sites of the supplier company, in order to verify the fulfilment of these requirements.

Acea Code of Ethics, Article 15, Introduction and Paragraph 2