Our plan envisages the installation of modern, digital meters, which will give definite benefits as consumption measurement will become efficient and precise.

You will find the following information on meter replacement useful.

1. We will remove your old meter and install the new one completely free of charge.

2. Work will be carried out by the following authorised companies, appointed to work on behalf of Acea Ato 2:

a) Z.C. s.r.l.
b) Barbagli s.r.l.
c) Gas Marketing s.r.l.
d) Consorzio Servizi Qualificati s.r.l.

3. You will receive a notice giving the date and time slot expected for your replacement.

4. You will only be contacted to arrange an appointment for you to be present during the work, if your meter is inside private property. Make sure you have updated your data on MyAcea or complete the appropriate form.


Update your data on MyAcea


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