At operational level

We have estimated that 1.7 billion Euro of the investments considered in the new 2019-2022 Business Plan are related to sustainability objectives. Revision of the 2019-2022 Plan gave rise to 46 new targets compared to the earlier version and the re-elaboration of numerous targets already present: in addition to more challenging environmental objectives, associated in particular with the fight against climate change, the efficient use of resources and the logic of a circular economy, the new targets concern the development of a structured approach for the involvement of stakeholders, the wellbeing of employees and the widespread dissemination of a safety culture, within the Group and throughout the supply chain, together with the technological innovation applied to all infrastructures. We carry out a precise monitoring of the operational objectives and this enables us to record the progress of the Plan.

The 5 macro-objectives 

Our five operational macro-objectives aim to create shared value for the Group and our stakeholders.

1. Promoting customer focus

2. People for the Group’s growth

3. Establishing a local presence and protecting the environment

4. Promoting health and safety along the value chain

5. Investing in innovativation for sustainability