At operational level

In keeping with the Business Plan, the 2020-2024 Sustainability Plan is divided into five operational macro-objectives, comprising 127 targets, and reflects all the particular traits characterising the Group’s sustainability, in its material management of the production and organisational processes and in dealings with the stakeholders.

The updating of the 2020-2024 Plan, carried out by involving the organisational structures and taking account of Acea’s priority issues in accordance with the European Green Deal objectives and the SDGs pertaining to the businesses managed, had led to the definition of 125 targets and related KPIs. In 2021, some of the Group’s companies proposed integrations to the targets defined with the last sustainability planning process leading to the enhancement/reformulation of 4 targets already present in the Plan (on aspects concerning energy efficiency, remote control of infrastructures, etc.) and the addition of 2 new targets (regarding the installation of infrastructures for the local supply of drinking water and a major ecosystem rehabilitation project involving the river Sarno). Consequently, following the integrations carried out, the 2020-2024 Sustainability Plan, at operational level, comprises 127 targets. 

The 2020-2024 Sustainability Plan: key elements

Rappresentazione dell'integrazione della sostenibilità nella Governance di Gruppo Acea

The 127 targets, which come under 5 macro-objectives, can each be associated with numerous material issues, SDGs and Green Deal objectives.

The 5 macro-objectives 

Our five operational macro-objectives aim to create shared value for the Group and our stakeholders.


1. Promoting customer focus

2. People for the Group’s growth

3. Establishing a local presence and protecting the environment

4. Promoting health and safety along the value chain

5. Investing in innovativation for sustainability


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