At operational level

In 2020 we carried out a major revision of the Sustainability Plan, introducing a greater focus on our main projects and, in particular, on issues concerning innovation applied to infrastructures, actions to combat and adapt to climate change, the sustainable management of water resources, the circular economy, protection of the territory, but also on customer care and the engagement of people.

With respect to the previous plan, whose general structure is confirmed, we have reformulated the targets in order to more effectively respond to future challenges in terms of both business and the sustainability framework: our sustainability targets cover 100% of Acea’s material topics, 75% of targets relate to the 2030 Agenda Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and 59% is consistent with European Green Deal Objectives.
We carry out a precise monitoring of the operational objectives and this enables us to record the progress of the Plan.

The 2020-2024 Sustainability Plan: key elements

Rappresentazione dell'integrazione della sostenibilità nella Governance di Gruppo Acea

The 5 macro-objectives 

Our five operational macro-objectives aim to create shared value for the Group and our stakeholders.


1. Promoting customer focus

2. People for the Group’s growth

3. Establishing a local presence and protecting the environment

4. Promoting health and safety along the value chain

5. Investing in innovativation for sustainability