At operational level

In keeping with the Business Plan, the 2020-2024 Sustainability Plan is divided into five operational macro-objectives, comprising 127 targets, and reflects all the particular traits characterising the Group’s sustainability, in its material management of the production and organisational processes and in dealings with the stakeholders.

The Plan was defined with the involvement of the organisational structures, taking account of the priority issues identified in line with European Green Deal objectives and the Agenda 2030 Sustainable Development Goals pertaining to the businesses managed. In 2022, following the revision to the materiality assessment, the maintaining of consistency with key issues emerging from stakeholder feedback was verified and confirmed.

The 5 macro-objectives 

Our five operational macro-objectives aim to create shared value for the Group and our stakeholders.


1. Promoting customer focus

2. People for the Group’s growth

3. Establishing a local presence and protecting the environment

4. Promoting health and safety along the value chain

5. Investing in innovativation for sustainability

2020-2024 Sustainability Plan: key elements

From the 127 Sustainability Plan targets it is possible to also derive the 11 key elements that reflect their particular characteristics.

Rappresentazione dell'integrazione della sostenibilità nella Governance di Gruppo Acea


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