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The second stop of the Plastic Free Tour, Gesesa’s environmental sustainability project, was at the San Marco dei Cavoti Institute in Foiano di Val Fortore.
After handing out the reusable bottles to the school children in Castelpagano, it was the turn of the students of the Fortorino municipality of Foiano.
“I very much appreciated the initiative of the Municipality of Foiano and Gesesa – said Principal Maria Vittoria Barone – because both have realized that to be effective a sustainability project must be linked to schools. The Mayor promptly answered our request to install water distribution points in our schools, because we must teach the new generations about sustainability and using water responsibly, because it’s such a precious resource, as Saint Francis says in his Canticle of the Sun”.
“Gesesa – added Gesesa Board Member Alessandra Itro – over the years has been visiting schools to raise awareness among the youngest generations about how our daily choices make an impact on the environment around us. We gave young and older students these free reusable water bottles so they can replace the single-use plastic bottles and reduce plastic consumption and waste.”
“With this important gesture – said the Mayor of Foiano di Val Fortore, Giuseppe Antonio Ruggiero – we want to send a message to the citizens of tomorrow: respect the environment. By installing water distribution points and giving away reusable water bottles with Gesesa, who has always shown us its support, we encourage the use of safe and controlled public water, reducing the use of plastic with tangible benefits for the ecosystem. I also want to thank Gesesa for the great integrated water service it provides, which is something that cannot be improvised, instead it requires experience and professionalism and the company certainly knows how to do its job. The past summer, Foiano was not affected by drought, and this is an impressive achievement.”
“Water is not an unlimited resource, we must learn to use it sensibly – concluded Gesesa CEO Salvatore Rubbo – I wish to thank the Mayor for his praise, we are committed to always do our best to offer a great and at the same time sustainable service, respecting the community in which we operate. The water that reaches our customers’ homes is safe and controlled. We encourage the students we meet to do their bit to protect the environmental, aware of the fact that if we want to reach families, the young generations are the most effective way to spread the “Plastic Free” message.


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