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Accompanied by the notes of the Philharmonic Orchestra of Benevento, Gesesa inaugurated the new artistic lighting system of the Arch of Sacramento in Benevento. With the use of different shades of color, the new lighting system puts emphasis on the structure and adds value to the construction materials respecting the historical and cultural value of the landmark.

The event was attended by the CEO of Acea, Giuseppe Gola, the mayor of the City of Benevento, Clemente Mastella, the Operations Director of Acea, Giovanni Papaleo, the President of Gesesa, Domenico Russo, and the CEO of Gesesa, Salvatore Rubbo.

“Acea and Gesesa's project to add value to the territory continues. Today’s event, the inauguration of the lighting system of another building of great historical and cultural value in the City Benevento, is an opportunity to highlight what drives and links together all our activities: our strive for sustainability” said Salvatore Rubbo, CEO of Gesesa.

“It’s been a great evening for Gesesa and specially for the City of Benevento. Gesesa will continue to work and play its role in the best interest of the community and the territory” said the President of Gesesa, Domenico Russo.

“Upholding the idea of city of art, added mayor Clemente Mastella, we continue our “enlightening” journey, born from the collaboration between Acea and Gesesa and strongly advocated by our administration, from the very start of my term, to make our beautiful monuments even more attractive. We have brought new light to the city and with the lighting system of the Arch of Sacramento we continue proudly our work to add value to the history of Benevento.”

“We are honored to have participated in the presentation of the artistic lighting system of Benevento’s Arch of Sacramento – said the CEO of the Acea Group, Giuseppe Gola – created following innovative and sustainable criteria, combining low energy consumption and the renovation of urban areas and areas of great historical and archaeological interest”.

“With this project – remarked Giovanni Papaleo, Operations Director of the Acea Group  – the multiutility proves once again its commitment to valorizing the monuments that are part of the life of the communities and territories in which the company operates in collaboration with its subsidiaries”.

The Arch of Sacramento dates back to between the end of the 1st and the beginning of the 2nd century. The monument used to be the entrance to the Forum for those arriving from the Theater area.
The lighting system of the Arch of Sacramento is part of the project “Illuminiamo la storia del Sannio”, conceived to valorize the beauties and the symbols of the city in which the Company operates. The new type of artistic illumination system, with high cultural value and low environmental impact, had already brought new light to other monuments of the City of Benevento, such as the Arch of Trajan, dating back to Roman times, and the church of Santa Sofia, dating back to the Longobardic period.
The project also includes the installation of an information totem that, as those previously installed for other monuments, has two main new features: content printed in Braille and the QR code system to access all historical information.

Thank you to the Philharmonic Orchestra of Benevento for its collaboration and to TV Sette Benevento for recording the audio guides that allowed to create the QR code system for the information totem. Thank you also to Scuola Superiore per Mediatori Linguistici “Internazionale” of Benevento for the translation of the historical information and the school’s English and French language and translation teaches, Michela Renna and Claudia Mignola. Thank you to the voices of the QR code audio guides: Valeria del Grosso (TV Sette journalist), Alessia Pasquariello (SSML Internazionale student) and Marianna Cassella (SSML Internazionale student).

A big thank you also to the musicians of the Philharmonic Orchestra who performed on the occasion: Lorenza Maio and Federica Paduano- violins; Federica Bibbò- viola and Emilio Mottola - violoncello.


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