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In the month dedicated to the Tree Day, on 21 November, the little green ambassadors of Castelpoto (Campania – Italy) have played the Oath of Loyalty and Love for Trees, before putting to abode small trees in their schoolyard. This oath, donated by the pupils of Sant’Agata, will be played by all children planting Trees in the Municipalities served by Gesesa.

The event has included speeches by Angelo Melillo, Principal of the Comprehensive School IC P. Isaia Columbro; Vito Fusco and Cosimina Caruso, mayor and vice mayor of Castelpoto; and Salvatore Rubbo, CEO of Gesesa. Also, the Carabinieri of the Forestry Corp Command Station of Vitulano, represented by Major Antonio Cutillo; Aniello Andreotti, responsible for Regional Forest Nurseries – Section for Forests in Benevento; and Eugenio Maffei, responsible for “La Francesca” nursery, attended the event.

“I am very happy that the institutions and Gesesa allow us to organise events related to environmental issues, as they have become of primary importance for everybody” says Angelo Melillo, who continues “This is a crucial moment in the fight against climate change, which has been addressed in COP26, the United Nations Climate Change Conference, in Glasgow. We must educate new generations and respect the environment surrounding us in order to have a more sustainable world.”

“Ecology transition is something not too far, and every citizen, also in the city of Castelpoto, has to take a virtuous attitude to tackle climate change,” asserts Vito Fusco, vice mayor. “The city administration has immediately joined this project because they believe that a sustainable world would allow also future generations to benefit from it. We all have the duty to give future generations an environmental capital stock, as we have found it. For these
reasons, I announce that the school of Castelpoto is Plastic Free and that sooner Gesesa’s water bottles will be given to all children,” continues.

Aniello Andreotti, responsible for Regional Forest Nurseries – Section for Forests in Benevento, shares the same opinion. “It is important to remember that nurseries are available to everybody and are free for public bodies: that is crucial for increasing green presence in the city.”

“I would like to associate the Tree Day to the Children’s Day,” states Antonio Cutillo, Major of Carabinieri Forestry Corp, “because children are our future, just like trees symbolise a future which grows and fights against pollution.”

“The Park of Sant’Andrea, another beauty of our territory, and the wonderful children of Castelpoto have been the remarkable elements of the third stage of our green tour” states the CEO of Gesesa. “Let’s go further, with the awareness of carrying out an important activity of environmental protection, territory valorisation and civic education for the men and women of tomorrow.”


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