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The programme, involving about 300 students in 4 regions, is aimed at conveying the importance of values such as sustainability and inclusion.

This year again, a programme for transversal skills and professional guidance (formerly known as school-work alternation) has been launched by Gesesa in collaboration with Acea. This time, the Technical Industrial High School G. B. Lucarelli and the Technical High School G. Alberti – both located in Benevento - will host the new format “GenerAzione Connessa”, dedicated to training and career guidance for young people. The programme, created in collaboration with ELIS Consortium in continuity with “La Scuola che vorrei” and “GenerAzione Digitale”, wants to bring the youngest generations closer to issues concerning sustainability and environmental protection, diversity, inclusion and inviting them to think about the contribution that innovation can make to protecting natural resources.

About 300 students will be involved, coming from 10 technical-professional institutes and - for the first time - from 5 high schools in Lazio, Umbria, Campania and Tuscany.

The Acea Sustainability Ambassadors - promoters of the sustainability culture and circular economy - will lead all participants to the discovery of these issues. The students will also meet the women of Acea STEM who, through their stories of life and professional career, will prove the importance of not being influenced by gender stereotypes when choosing training and professional careers. By taking the same opportunities that the technological and digital revolution offers, an ever-growing number of women may be the protagonist of an equal and sustainable future.

The final phase of the project includes an “immersive” online activity, in which students will have the opportunity to deal with real projects selected by the Group. Divided into mixed teams, the students will work in the “Acea Workshops” and will be supported by the ELIS team in the creative process, which will end with the presentation of innovating and sustainable ideas, thanks to which it will be possible to win.

The “GenerAzione Connessa” programme is a further opportunity for the Group to foster a virtuous exchange between school and companies which started in the previous years. Students, when stimulated and motivated to share their knowledge and ideas, can turn into the driving force of a social, economic and environmental innovation.


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