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The tour of Gesesa to celebrate the 2022 World Water Day has started in Benevento at the Bilingual School.
“Today it was an honour for me to represent Gesesa in the World Water Day,” says Domenico Russo, President of Gesesa. “The children are amazing. Over the last years, we have promoted several initiatives aimed at protecting water resources and the environment. We have still a lot to do. Today, history is giving us the opportunity to restore the state of the water distribution networks which, especially in southern Italy, - with leaks above 50% - are in a deplorable condition. I hope that the city of Benevento and the other municipalities of the province may join forces together and not miss such a historic occasion. Time is almost up.”
“Today we celebrated an intense and exciting day, thanks to the enthusiastic young people who participated in the debate about water resource protection and environmental sustainability,” says Salvatore Rubbo, CEO of Gesesa. “I would like to thank the students, the teachers, the mayor of Benevento Clemente Mastella, the mayor of Frasso Telesino Pasquale Viscusi and the mayor of Telese Terme Giovanni Caporaso, who shared with us this important day. I hope that, in the future, we’ll be giving every day the same attention to water as today.”
“Dear children, we are here today to celebrate the World Water Day,” says Clemente Mastella, mayor of Benevento, “and to remember that water is not an unlimited resource but, indeed, it must be respected through the implementation of practices for a correct use. Just remember the words of St. Francis, the first ecologist, who teaches us to respect the environment surrounding us. These opportunities are fundamental because they raise children’s awareness of issues which are vital today to ensure a more sustainable world.”
“A wonderful day,” continued Pasquale Viscusi, mayor of Frasso Telesino, “and an initiative that Gesesa and the Istituto Comprensivo Leonardo da Vinci - plexus of Frasso Telesino - organised the best way possible. It allowed us to discuss the importance of water during the pandemic and the war in Ukraine. Together with the children – absolutely brilliant – their teachers and with the CEO, I had the opportunity to give a little normality to children after two years of restrictions caused by the COVID pandemic. I am grateful to all the people who collaborated to make this event a success.”
“I would like to thank Gesesa and its CEO Salvatore Rubbo for the attention given to our area,” says mayor Giovanni Caporaso. “As we live in a city of water, it is important to talk about this resource, especially to young people, telling them how valuable it is and how we can protect it in many ways. The students we met paid attention and as always happens, we received great lessons which get our hopes up not only for the future of Telese, but of the entire planet.”
“Today, a dream comes true,” states Vincenzo Fuschini, vice mayor in charge for Environment. “The dream of making all schools in Telese Plastic-Free, a dream started in 2018, when my motion proposed to the city council for launching a policy of reduction of plastic in the city area was unanimously approved. We have put into action several initiatives aimed at protecting the environment, such as the delivery of water-bottles to eliminate plastic in schools, the installation of dispensers and the commissioning of three public fountains where people can drink. We are also working with Gesesa to plant a great number of trees.”
From the Bilingual school – where children have perfectly set out the rules to save water in the three languages they had studied: English, Chinese and Spanish, - let’s move to the Comprehensive Institute of Frasso Telesino, where children presented many beautiful posters on the importance of a correct use of plastic and how to respect the planet Earth. And again, to the schools of Telese Terme, where Gesesa’s Plastic Free tour arrived right today. The comic book on water saving has been delivered to all students of the four schools visited and will be delivered to all the students at the Comprehensive Institutes of the served municipalities over the next weeks.
In Frasso Telesino and Telese Terme, water-bottles have been delivered to schools, and water dispensers have been inaugurated. Three public fountains have been inaugurated in Telese, one of which near the Lake of Telese Terme, where many people practice sport. Gesesa’s Water Tour has finished today with the conference held at the thermal park in Telese Terme, entitled “Acque Sotterranee: Rendere Visibile l’Invisibile”, during which Salvatore Rubbo, the CEO of Gesesa, has delivered a speech on the importance of a conscious and rational use of water resources.
As happened the last year, the pandemic prevented Gesesa from being present in all schools with its shows of the Teatro Educativo Ambientale. So, a video concerning the 2021 Gesesa’s Diary of Sustainability was uploaded on YouTube channel of the integrated water service company in Benevento.


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