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Gesesa’s environmental sustainability project continues.
This morning, Gesesa’s Plastic Free Tour started off at the Colle Sannita Institute in Castelpagano, where students received free reusable water bottles.
After the first water distribution point was installed in September and the reusable bottles were given to students at the University of Sannio, today Gesesa for the Environment reiterated its commitment by reducing plastic consumption in the world of education.
“I really appreciated the initiative organized by Gesesa and its CEO Salvatore Rubbo – said the Mayor of Castelpagano, Giuseppe Bozzuto – by giving away reusable bottles in our schools it implements and follows up on initiatives launched by the Municipal Administration, who by installing water distribution points in schools and across the town aims to encourage the use of public water and reduce the use of plastic with tangible benefits for the environment.
“We are delighted about this great Gesesa initiative – added the Principal of the Edoardo Citarelli Institute – because I think that teaching children and young adults about getting rid of plastic, which is one of the main causes of environmental pollution, is extremely important. We must raise awareness among the young generations of the importance of reducing the use of plastic to protect our ecosystem.”
“I am happy to send a message of environmental sustainability to the new generations – concluded Gesesa CEO Salvatore Rubbo – to make sure that the “Plastic Free” message gradually reaches all aspects of our daily life. We all have to play our part, and Gesesa gives its contribution with tangible actions, like giving away reusable bottles to students in the Sanniti Municipalities, emphasizing to children how urgent it is for humans to adopt sustainable habits, because children are the ones who find it easier to adapt to change and play a huge part in passing on the message to their families. To help improve our planet we must start form the children: we owe it to them.”


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