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After the winter months, the project “Let’s Give Oxygen to the Future”, an idea of Gesesa promoted in collaboration with the Directorate General for Agriculture and Forestry of Regione Campania – Forestry sector of Benevento, is back. This time, the project starts in the municipality of Morcone, more precisely in the Istituto Comprensivo Eduardo de Filippo.
The event has witnessed the participation of Giulia Ocone, Assessor for Education in the municipality of Morcone, Giovanna Leggieri, Schoolmaster, the Comunità Montana Titerno Alto Tammaro, the Municipal police of Morcone, Aniello Andreotti, responsible for the Regional Forest Nurseries – Sector of Benevento Forests, and Salvatore Rubbo, CEO of Gesesa.
The young students, together with their teachers, prepared the events of tree-planting in the garden in front of the school with great passion and enthusiasm. In particular, they prepared the reading of a book with illustrations reflecting on the analogy between the forest and the human community.
Songs, posters and poems, followed by the oath of love for the trees, provided an amazing setting to the Gesesa’s Environment project in Morcone to start again.
“All our educational program is based on environment, legality and interculturalism,” says Giovanna Leggieri, Schoolmaster. “As far as the environment is concerned, our intention is to help children develop an ecological conscience, thank to which they could live and act in view of a global citizenship.”
“I would like to thank all the partners who gave birth to this fantastic day,” says Giulia Ocone, Assessor for Education in the municipality of Morcone. “Children are our future and, most of all, they are always ready to teach us the best practices to live in a sustainable way.”
“Dear children, it is important for you to be environmental sentinels and to get angry at those who do not look after the trees. We can do everything, but if we do not look after our trees in the future, it is difficult for us to improve what we have today,” continues Aniello Andreotti, responsible for the Regional Forest Nurseries – Sector of Benevento Forests.
“It’s a pleasure for me to meet these wonderful children again; I have already known them on the Plastic Free tour,” says the CEO of Gesesa Salvatore Rubbo. “You have mentioned the 2030 Sustainability Agenda many times, but it is also important to say that, in recent weeks, the protection of the environment has been introduced in the Italian Constitution as a right of citizens, respectively in Articles 9 and 41. This is a very important result for a company that – like Gesesa – has made sustainable action its central dogma. I’m grateful to the Schoolmaster, the teachers, and the students because we are proud of such a commitment, enthusiasm, passion and colourful explosion. This confirms how carrying out the project Let’s give Oxygen to the Future has been a winning idea.”


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