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"This is a Sea of Plastic". This is how the children of the C.I. Padre Isaia Columbro plexus of Castelpoto welcomed Gesesa and the Municipal Administration in the person of the Mayor Vito Fusco and Deputy Mayor Cosimina Caruso. We all know it: plastics and microplastics pollute our seas a lot. They are a real threat to the environment and to fish, and therefore to the entire ecosystem. With a song created and broadcasted by Mela Educational, it has now become the hymn of the Plastic Free Gesesa Tour.

“We are happy to receive this gift from the Municipality of Castelpoto and Gesesa,” says Angelo Melillo, the Headmaster of the I.C. Padre Isaia Columbro plexus of Castelpoto, “since our school is part of the "Green School Network", and these issues are very important to us.”

The Mayor of the Municipality of Castelpoto Vito Fusco was present at the event, and he highlighted the importance of sustainable actions for the protection of the environment. “The cooperation between the municipal administration and the school goes on, and it is important to educate new generations to respect our planet. We need to educate children and adults together to reduce the use of plastic. I’m thankful to Gesesa because it welcomes our requests and collaborates for the success of our Municipality’s project to raise awareness of environmental sustainability.”

“Plastic pollution is one of the most urgent problems to be faced,” continues the councillor of the Gesesa Board of Directors Alessandra Itro, “because it causes irreparable damage to flora and fauna, and it also affects us. Reducing the use of plastic is certainly a first step to limit the production of waste and the dispersion of microplastics. In this sense, the reusable water bottles we donated are certainly an eco-friendly alternative to disposable water bottles.”

“Today more than ever, the colours of children contrast with the dark scenarios created by adults,” says the CEO of Gesesa Salvatore Rubbo. “With their lively way of explaining sustainability, these children lead us to reflect on how much the protection of our planet is strongly tied to the protection of civil coexistence between peoples. For these reasons we must continue to support the message of sustainability.”


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