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Water is a precious resource that must be used sensibly. Little things can considerably reduce water consumption: closing the tap while brushing our teeth saves 23 liters of water every time. This good habit helps us be mindful and considerate citizens, respectful of such an important resource.
‘Let’s Take Care of Our Water, Let’s Not Waste It!’.
Why in summer? Because, as we all know, this is the time of the year when we get less rain and water reserves go down.
This year, Gesesa has decided to publish again its guide with 10 Tips to Avoid Waste and Save Water.
Starting from the things we do in everyday life – choosing to shower rather than having a bath, watering the garden sensibly, installing tap aerators, and other important actions – we can all give our contribution to reducing water waste.
For the main image of the campaign, this year the company has chosen the designs made by the students of Istituto Comprensivo “O. Fragnito”, San Giorgio La Molara, who took part in the project “H2School, The importance of Water for life”, school year 2019-2020.

Here are 10 tips to save water

1. Turn off the tap while you brush your teeth or shampoo your hair
leaving the tap open while you brush your teeth, shave, shampoo your hair, means wasting the equivalent of 30 liters of water.
2. Check for leaks
make sure taps and toilet cisterns don’t leak. 
3. Adjust the flush of your toilet cisterns
install cisterns with a dual flush or adjustable flush
4. Use washing machine and dishwasher only when fully loaded
use them only when necessary and always once they are fully loaded
5. Install tap aerators
devices that reduce the water flow but not the washing capacity. 
6. Use a bowl to wash dishes and vegetables
wash vegetables by leaving them to soak in a bowl with water: use a bowl also to wash the dishes (you can reuse the hot water used to cook the pasta).
7. Take a shower instead of a bath
you need more than 150 liters of water to run a bath, but only 40-50 for a shower.
8. Check your meter when all taps are closed
before going to bed make sure all taps are closed properly, read the meter and then check it again for any changes the next morning.
9. Don’t wash your car too often and use a bucket
if you limit the number of times you wash your car and use a bucket instead of running water, you save 100 liters of water. 
10. Water your garden sensibly
reuse water or use rainwater and dripper systems and do it in the evening when water evaporates more slowly and has more time to be absorbed by the soil.


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