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Gesesa's "Plastic Free" tour arrives in Sant’Agata de Goti, at the Istituto Comprensivo Due. The young pupils brought to life an event full of deep significances, all coming from the 17 goals of the 2030 Agenda with a focus on reducing the use of plastic and on the various ways to recycle and reuse it. The Headmistress Elisabetta Di Maio welcomed the students: “Our pupils are the future. In recent days they have worked a lot on a theme that is very dear to us all, that is reducing the use of plastic. This morning - continues the Headmistress - they prepared songs, focused on plastic, insights, and set up a very special exhibition on Plastic Free."

The Deputy Mayor Giovannina Piccoli was also present at the event, and she highlighted the importance of these actions for safeguarding the environment: "Thanks to the teaching staff and to the Headmistress for having dealt with this issue in an excellent way. The future is in our hands and even more so in that of the new generations. We have a duty to pass on respect for the environment where we live to the new generations, and these are the right opportunities to do so. Thanks also to Gesesa and its CEO, for always accepting our requests to promote environmental sustainability in our territory."

"There is little to add" says the CEO of Gesesa Salvatore Rubbo. "The students and their teachers have shown us the way and for this I congratulate them. Sustainability has knowledge as its foundation. In fact, without conscious action there can be no true sustainability."


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